A box of love

You don’t need words to know you’re loved. Not really. Sometimes, a box of stuff says it all. Take, for example, the box that came in the post for me today.

It was a simple box filled with simple things. No note to explain the occasion or the contents. Just a simple box filled with simple things. But I didn’t need a note to know that the box was sent because I am loved.

You see, the box was sent by my Ant Elizabeth – all the way from America! And the contents were (I’m assuming) chosen because of my list of foods I would miss when I moved. You see, she reads my blog regularly so she knew just what to send. It’s just another example of how amazing she is. She is, after all, the woman who so kindly took in my cat when I left. And she is, after all, the woman who I used to want to be when I grew up. (It’s not that I don’t still look up to her, it’s just that I learned that I can’t be someone else, I have to be me.) And she is, after all, the woman I call my twin! (Really, we look quite a bit alike. Yes, she’s gorgeous just like me!)

Anyhow, since I told you what my parents sent last week, I’ll tell you what Ant Elizabeth sent this week!

  • Black olives (3 cans)
  • 1000 Island dressing (1 bottle)
  • Ranch mix (2 packs)
  • General Tso’s Chicken seasoning mix (2 packs)
  • A bag of “Fun Size” Butterfingers
  • A bag filled with a variety of mini-sized candy bars

And this all means that I have olives not only for tacos but for Thanksgiving – where I might have to teach my guests about the American tradition of putting olives on your fingers before eating them. And it means that I can have yummy Rueben sandwiches. And it means I can make Ranch dip to share with my friends on Halloween and Thanksgiving. And I can introduce my friends to the greatness of General Tso’s.

And, if I’m feeling generous, I can have my friends help with a comparison taste test to determine, once and for all, what the difference is between American and UK Milky Way bars. (If I’m feeling really generous, I might even share a Butterfinger or two. Maybe.)

Thank you, Ant Elizabeth. You have no idea how amazingly happy I was to receive goodies from home today. No, really, my face hurts from all the happy smiles. I love you!!

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  1. Frances…you are anything but boring! We are so happy to hear from you and glad it is going well for you…..We will keep in touch and thanks for letting us know how you are:O)) Love and hugs to you my dear….Bret, Dylan and Lisa

  2. Glad you are having some fun and thanks for letting us know:O)) Love and hugs to you….The Eyerly’s of Easton

  3. I knew that box was heading your way, I had no idea it would get there so soon. Elizabeth did a great job with her choices!

  4. So glad you enjoyed the ‘stuff’!! I can tell you were excited, as the box does look rather destroyed. At one point, there was a bigger box with even MORE olives (every size available, with minced and sliced), but alas, it was about 90 bucks to ship that, so I had to cut back. It was also meant to have a bottle of local organic fresh honey, til your mom said I could not ship that. I was glad she told me too-I would hate to see it confiscated and enjoyed by customs agents! Anyway, not that you aren’t worth 80 bucks, but really…Perhaps another box on another day. enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!! You deserve it.
    PS Schrodie and Bug are great!
    Love, Ant Elizabeth

    1. I really was excited! Though I must admit that the box was a bit torn when it arrived. It must have had a bumpy journey. Of course, the nice thing with that was that it made it easier to tear open!
      I saw the postage cost–WOW! It was even more appreciated when I saw what it took to get it to me.
      I think that next week we’re going to have an olive tasting. I’m going to grab several types of olives from the shops here and we’ll compare them to home to see if any are ‘close enough’. I will report back!
      Thank you, thank you, thank you. It really was amazing!
      Love you!
      ps: Glad the cats are well!! xx

  5. Yes, it was pricey to send, but it was worth it to make you happy-which made me happy. It did seem silly that it cost 3-4 times the value of the ‘stuff’ to ship, but it was really fun. I wish we could have sent more.
    Have you done the olive tasting? What was the verdict? I hope you save at least 1 can for turkey day!
    Love, AE

    1. We did an olive tasting on Halloween, but not with the olives you sent because I wanted to save those for Thanksgiving. They are sitting on a shelf in the cupboard with the yams and pumpkin I found, just waiting for Turkey day!!

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