A tribute to my mother

On Tuesday, 29 April 1947, my mother was born. Sadly, on Monday, 24 January 2022, she died. That means that she is not here with us to mark what should be her 75th birthday. And so, I’ve decided to share a tribute to her here on my blog, which she visited (almost) daily since it began nearly 13 years ago.

So, here’s to my Mum, Barbara Ann (Eberle) Cook!

Mum was so many things in addition to being a mother. She was a wife and a daughter; a sister and an aunt; a cousin and a grandma. She was a baker and booze-maker; a cook and a cookbook collector – and even a cookbook writer.

Mum was a crafter and a reader. She was a nature lover and a rockhound. A train enthusiast and a genealogist.

Oh, and what a joy she brought to our hearts!

Mum at the British Railroad Museum in York, England

Mum was a Marine and was almost a nun. She was a graduate of Cle Elum High in 1965.

Mum was a volunteer for countless things on countless occasions for her six daughters and their countless friends.

She was a fixer of boo-boos and a cheerer of accomplishments. And, of course, a dryer of tears.

Oh, and what laughter she brought to our souls!

Mum breaking the rules at Doune Castle, Scotland

My Mum was an adventurer and an optimist. And she was a mischievous rule-breaker, too, depending on the rules.

Mum was passionate and compassionate. She was loyal. She was strong. She was courageous and brave.

Oh, and what love she left to our world!

Mom in front of the Rosslyn Chapel in Roslin, Scotland

My mother, like all mothers, was imperfect. But she did her best for me and my five sisters, even when circumstances meant her best wasn’t as much as we might have wanted at the time.

My mother, like all mothers, sacrificed her life for the lives of her children. And she did it with pure, unconditional love.

My mother was my inspiration. She was my cheerleader. She was my friend.

My mother was my friend. And I am so honoured to have been her daughter.

Mum and me at Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

I miss her today. I will miss her tomorrow. And I will miss her always.

But I love her today. I will love her tomorrow. And I will love her always.

Happy 75th birthday, Mum… I love you.

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