On my holidays

So here I am at Copalis Beach with my pretty new gadget, LittleGreen. Yes, my holidays have officially begun. Well, that’s if you can have a holiday when you don’t have a job.

The reason for the holiday is a family reunion. The Eberle Family Reunion, to be exact. Oh yes, there are 100+ Eberles gathered at the ocean.

And because I’m in the midst of having fun, I’ll leave this as a short post. After all, I have to go back to having fun, then I need to get to bed to rest up for tomorrow’s 18 holes of golf. Yay!

[Oh, and since I’ve been enjoying myself so much, I only now got around to a photo, so this is some of us awesome Eberles around the campfire. That deserves another Yay! so, Yay!]

3 Replies to “On my holidays”

  1. Speaking of fun, my family and I are going to Lake Cle Elum on Saturday. Yes, I’ve made my children love Lake Cle Elum. Go figure. But I was wondering if you would be around during the day and we could drop by and see you? I’m not going to the reunion thing that night, but this will be the last time I get over to that side of the mountains before you head to bonnie scotland. Let me know!

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