Faced with a boring weekend of recovering from a mild kidney infection (I’m much better now, thank you) and hiding from the misery of the wind and (light) rain, I decided I would get a bit crafty. Of course, I was also faced with dwindling supplies as I’d recently run out of sock monkey fixings after making “Red 42” (a monkey for my niece) last week.

I scrounged through the various bits of crafty stuff I had on hand and hit Google for some inspiration. But it seemed that most of the projects I wanted to do required more supplies than I had.

Then, as I sat there contemplating a massive stash of yarn, I thought I’d try my hand at making pompoms. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never got around to learning. At first, I was frustrated because my pompoms didn’t look like the photos I’ve seen, but then I learned the trick – you have to trim the balls! (Seriously, who knew?)

Eventually, I found myself with half a dozen pompoms and a desire to keep making more, but no use for them. And that’s when I decided I’d make myself some pretty flowers. So I spent some more time whipping up pompoms of different sizes and colours.

This morning, I started to think about how I’d make the stems for my flowers. I found some sturdy jewellery-making wire that my friend gave me and thought I might pop out to the shops to find some floral tape to finish them off.

Then I saw a flimsy torc and thought I’d hang the pompoms on that to get them up off the floor, allowing me to work on one stem at a time. Only, once I got all 24 pompoms on the torc, I realised that my weekend’s work wasn’t about flowers – it was about a silly pompom hanging thing.

So I hung my piece of art in the window.

It’s not quite the flowers I thought I’d make for myself, but it’s making me smile which was the point of crafting in the first instance. Now I am desperate to make more pompoms to add to it!

Oh! The bonus to this project is that I have a bag full of yarn clippings and shavings that will be perfect for stuffing my next sock monkey!

2 Replies to “Pompom-tastic!”

  1. Wow! I love those pompoms! Rather makes me want to make some of my own to hang in the windows!

    1. They are fun. I don’t know that they’ll hang in the window long, but they entertained me this weekend which is what I was really aiming for!

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