Holiday dilemma

I want to go away on holiday somewhere. It doesn’t have to be far away; just a nice holiday away from home. I want to book into a lovely little B&B in some coastal fishing village where I can explore the local environs. I want to stroll along the beach collecting interesting shells or pebbles. I want to laugh and enjoy the moment, whilst making memories for a lifetime.

Only I don’t want to do it alone. And that’s the dilemma.

With summer upon us, it seems that many people want to know what my holiday plans are. And when I say that I’m not taking any holidays, I’m met with disbelief and a lack of comprehension. When I explain that I don’t have anyone to go on holiday with, I’m told that I am so lucky to be able to go away alone. I have people telling me that they wish they could go on holiday alone – all of that time to enjoy yourself and to do what you want, without considering someone else, must be amazing, they say.

Only I do that most days; I do that most weekends.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy my own company; it’s just that I’d like a holiday from the solitude. And I’ve been invited to join others on their holidays, but there’s something very awkward about going on holiday with a happy little couple. Can you say gooseberry?

So, what do I do? I have just over three weeks’ holiday time to use, but nothing enticing to use it for. I can’t go visit family in America because I’m still waiting on the outcome of my visa (which is looking bleak) and I can’t stand the thought of going on a “singles tour”. I’ve done regular tours in the past and found that everyone was there with someone, leaving me to feel silly and alone.

And I guess that leaves me with two choices: Do nothing or go on holiday alone, all the while wishing I had someone with me.

That’s just another downside to not only being alone, but to be surrounded by family and friends who have spouses, partners, and children to keep them busy – there’s no one to share holiday adventures with (without becoming the gooseberry previously mentioned).

So, will I head off on my own somewhere? I don’t know; I suppose I’m still holding out hope that the man of my dreams will come and whisk me away or that my girlfriends will decide to ditch their partners for a couple of days.

But, just in case, I suppose it can’t hurt to see if there’s room for one at an Anstruther inn.

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  1. I clicked on Anstruther and realized that I’ve been on that page before. I noticed the highlighted caves and then wondered…is THIS where the WWII bunker is? Bingo! So, will you be visiting the bunker?
    At any rate, whatever you do while there I hope you have a wonderful time.

    1. If I opt to make it that way, I’d likely have to hire a car so I’d definitely try to see the bunker. To be honest, Anstruther is really only on the list of potential places to go because it’s meant to be the best fish-n-chips in Scotland (or maybe the UK?). (Kind of like when I went to Crieff for my birthday last year just because of the sweetie shop!)

      I’m still dithering on if I’ll do anything or not. It’s a shame to waste all of that holiday time. I don’t really want to take time off to just sit around at home, but I know I’d be miserable touring around on my own. Oh well, there’s no law that says I have to take a holiday!

  2. I know a few single friends have enjoyed ‘activity’ holidays. One particular friend does the whole gastronomy thing and heads off to various European capitals to learn how to cook the cuisine. Which then has to be eaten of course, washed down with lots of the local tipple.

    From what I can make out a group of about 8 to 12 mostly singles attend classes together and socialise afterwards. Also, since everyone is actually intent on learning/doing, the whole ‘gooseberry’ thing isn’t such an issue either.

    Obviously there are other types of activity holidays, I think she’s enjoyed a painting/art appreciation holiday too.

    The holidays are definitely not hook-up opportunities, but apparently she has met some very ‘interesting’ men on her travels (I’ll say no more), and made some really good friends along the way.

    There’s a site called which looks like it might provide some ideas.

    1. Some of those adventures look quite fun, and I do like the idea of how-to holidays. (Always good to learn new things!) I will bookmark the site for when I’m ready to plan a proper holiday.

      I’ve just learned that a couple of my in-laws are coming up in a couple of weeks, so I will book some time off to spend with them as soon as they let me know how long they’re staying. So that’s my immediate holiday lust figured out. Now I just need to see about a more robust holiday plan!

      Once I know about my PhD plans and work visa, I’ll be able to start looking at holidays in the States, too!!

      Thanks again for the link! It’s nice to know that others have found success with a company prior to my using them!

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