Ready to run (guest post)

Today’s post is brought to you by my totally awesome nephew, Haden. Please welcome my first-ever guest blogger. Yay!

I’m here in a motel room in Spokane with my aunt for a race tomorrow morning on 10-10-10. After we got to Spokane and got settled in our motel we walked down to the Hilton Courtyard by the Spokane Convention Center to get our running numbers (1172 ME! and 1295 Aunt Awesome!). We came back to the motel after stopping at a vintage clothes store (boring!!!) and ordered pizza!!! I’m really excited about my first ever 10K. Now I’m just chilling and watching TV, and writing this blog.

Aunt Frances says we only compete against ourselves in races. But in this race, I’m going to beat her. Check back tomorrow on 10-10-10 for our race times and more pictures.

A note from Just Frances: Thanks for guest blogging today, Haden. I’m way excited about running the race with you in the morning! Yay! (And I’m planning to beat you so watch out, kiddo!)

5 Replies to “Ready to run (guest post)”

  1. Seriously?! Pomomama, do you really eat turducken? Happy Thanksgiving to all our neighbors.
    Frances, any thoughts on Thanksgiving for your family?
    Hope you had fun at the run…and beat your own times.

  2. I am celebrating Thanksgiving today. I am thankful that I survived the race! 😉
    I hope you have a lovely turducken up there. I think when our Thanksgiving comes around next month, I’ll stick to a plain ol’ turkey. Much easier!
    (A couple of invites have gone out, Mom, but I don’t know that they’ll be accepted. I think that my sister-in-law might travel from England though. Yay!)

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