The day started OK. I was a bit tired and run-down feeling, but it’s Monday and it was a pretty busy weekend so it wasn’t too surprising to be a bit blah feeling. What was surprising is that a few minutes into an 11 o’clock meeting I started to feel lightheaded and dizzy. My arms and legs felt a bit weak and tingly and I could feel this fuzzy haze coming over me. I went from freezing cold to boiling hot in a matter of moments. And things seemed to be getting dark.

Then I was fine.

Then it started again.

I excused myself from the meeting out of fear that I would pass out and was immediately followed out by another woman who didn’t think that my Casper complexion was right. So it was off to the doctor’s office for me.

And then it was home for me. Which was a carry-on because I live nearly 30 miles outside of town in the middle of BFE with no public transport which meant that someone had to drive me home – and someone else had to follow us to get my driver back to town. My driver and my driver’s driver brought me in, made me soup, got me situated then left me to sleep under a cuddly blanket on the couch with the cat (after, of course, I cranked the heat and put on my PJs).

Of course, the kid needed to get home, too. But thankfully my neighbour from over the road works in town and was able to pick up the kid on my behalf.

By the time the kid arrived home, I was awake again and had just enough energy to make her favourite dinner – homemade split pea soup from the freezer. And thankfully at 11-years-old, she’s old enough to understand that I’m feeling a bit blah and could sort herself out for a shower. (She must be a bit beat, too, because she went straight to bed when told to do so!)

I have to admit that it’s all made me miss Paul so very much because if he was here he’d have come to town and picked me up and taken care of me and fussed all over me and called me a “poor wee scone” and he’d have cooked for me and put me to bed and then in the morning he’d have fussed over me some more. (How’s that for a run-on sentence!?) But, it’s nice to know that between my co-workers and my neighbours there are people to take care of me if I get sick. This isn’t quite the same as having Paul here, but it’s something at least.

Anyhow, I’m feeling a bit weak still but am hoping that a night’s sleep will help. In the meantime, I’ve been given a “just in case” dose of antibiotics and will wait for blood tests to be back tomorrow. I’m sure it’s nothing serious, but I’d sure like to be back to my brand of normal soon!

6 Replies to “Sicky”

  1. there’s nothing worse than being The Competent Adult In Charge of a Child AND Sick – my commiserations. i hope you feel weel (that was meant to be well but a little scottish weel-ness probly won’t go amiss) soon
    once you’re better, use it as a learning experience to pinpoint and plug weaknesses in your support network, then you can go back to convalescing without worries 🙂

  2. Hugs, hope you’re feeling better (or indeed weel enough) soon.
    It’s just pants when there’s no-one there to pamper you as an in-valid – takes all the fun of being ill away (just kidding)

  3. ooh Frances, I love the gold mirror in the pictures. I mean, covet type love. I won’t even ask where you got it because it’s either an heirloom, or a really good find from somewhere I’m sure. Your Christmas mantel is awesome. I can’t wait to see what you will do this year!

    1. Thanks, Amy! It was actually an antique store find. It took us a while to find exactly what we wanted, but when we saw it we knew it was perfect. Even though it wasn’t what we were looking for!
      If I get accepted to grad school and move back to the UK, it will need to be given to a new, loving home… so I’ll keep you in mind!

  4. Thanks ladies. I’m feeling a bit better but could do with some more rest. Not having someone to fuss over me certainly adds to the sadness of being sick, but it’s nice knowing that a quick text message to my neighbor will find me help if I need it!

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