Sunny days

The sun is shining brightly in Scotland today. And I am so thankful for it because it’s made me realise how happy I am right now.

Yes, I admit that I spend a couple of tearful days cooped up at home feeling sorry for myself. But even as I did that, I was well-aware that life is mostly good these days.

In fact, despite the anniversary-related tears and a couple of days last week that were filled with literal rain, it’s been a pretty sunshine-and-happiness couple of weeks.

I know it may not last. I know that life’s challenges may bring me more tears and that Mother Nature may bring me more rain. But for today, I’m happy; for today, it’s sunny.

And that means smiles and laughter and picnics in the park. (Picnics overlooking a cemetery near the castle, but cemeteries can be places for smiles, laughter, and picnics, too.)

Yay! for sunny days!

3 Replies to “Sunny days”

  1. Many cultures routinely have picnics in cemeteries, so they can celebrate their ancestors.
    Your dad and I will be visiting several at some point this year so we can get acquainted with our ancestors.
    And, make use of the sunshine while it’s there. We need to wait until Friday or Saturday for ours, but will be having BBQ beef ribs when the sun comes out.

  2. Taiwan has a whole day of festivities and cleaning in the cemeteries. I think food is involved … and, hey! give us back our sunshine.

  3. Oh, I totally think it’s OK to hang out and eat in cemeteries! Of course, it needs to be done with reverence and respect for individual cultures, but that’s true with anything. (That said, whilst I might sit on my husband’s grave–or that of a relative/friend–and eat lunch, I wouldn’t sit on the grave of a stranger and eat. A bench nearby maybe …)
    Sorry, Pomo–I’m keeping the sun for as long as I can. This is Scotland, after all, we have to take it when we can get it!

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