Swirls are my sunflowers

This post started as a long ramble about how my [hopefully temporary] malaise got the better of me and I gave up on my silly worksheets and sketchbook project. And, as sometimes happens, my long ramble brought me around to a solution to my artistic mental block.

In fact, the long ramble stopped the moment I realised that I was comparing myself and my desire to draw similar things over and over again to Van Gogh and his sunflowers.

At that point, I decided to stop writing about how my depressed mood was preventing me from completing structured creative work and instead picked up my markers and got busy doing what I enjoy: Drawing swirls.

So, OK, the structured creative work still needs to be completed because I have to finish what I started. But since I started it as an outlet for my grief/depression/sadness/whatever, and it is now adding stress to my life because I feel bad for not working on it, I’ve decided to stop and take a break.

This means that you can bet I’ll be doing a lot of doodle drawings but less assigned drawing – but that’s OK because it makes me happy.

And I’m sharing tonight’s “work in progress” with you now. Yay!

3 Replies to “Swirls are my sunflowers”

  1. Love it – so colourful and full of expression! 😀 I feel the same sometimes – I start to put pressure on myself with things I normally enjoy, and then end up not even wanting to think about doing them, blegh! But well done for picking up the markers!

  2. This has made me realize that I really, really do like drawing swirls. Sadly, I’ve messed up this one, but will still finish it with a hope of turning it around. I’ve also decided recently that I like working with markers so maybe I’ll buy some nice markers and special marker paper when I’m out and about next. (If they’re not too expensive because I have to pinch my pennies for Scotland!)

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