The counting begins

I am counting down the days until The Big Move takes place. Not in exact days mind you, because I won’t buy my ticket until I have my visa in hand. But in some form or another, I’ve been counting down since I got my acceptance email from the University of Stirling way back in November 2010. Of course, the first stage of my countdown was done in secrecy because I was counting down the weeks before I could give notice at work. Which I did about two months before I’d planned to because I just couldn’t handle the stress of the secret!

But now that work knows I’m outta here, I can count it all down out loud. And here’s the breakdown:

  • Days until I’m an unemployed bum: 37
  • Days left in the office: 25
  • Number of office Mondays remaining: 4
  • Days before classes start: 102
  • Days until I move home to Scotland: 70 (or thereabouts)

Of course, for excited as I am about these numbers, I also have to remember that it’s only 37 days until I am without an income – expendable or otherwise. And it’s only about 70 days until I have to say goodbye to my parents and nieces and nephews and siblings and my beloved Schrodie – and my friends and my life here in America.

I’m sure that once I arrive in Scotland I will start counting down the days until I can return to the homeland for a visit. Or maybe I’ll be counting down the days until my family come to visit me in Scotland. Or maybe I’ll be counting down the days until I have my PhD…

You know, for someone who hates maths, I sure do enjoy countdowns!

2 Replies to “The counting begins”

  1. I’m so excited about you coming to Stirling. I know I keep saying this but I am. So looking forward to having a partner in crime.
    Because I’m looking forward to it so much I forget that it also involves you leaving stuff and loved ones behind. Just know that I will be here to help you deal with that. Hopefully that helps a bit. You won’t be on your own.

    1. I really am looking forward to being your partner in crime. So long as the crimes are not on the list of things that will prevent my obtaining the right to abode. 🙂
      And it really does help knowing that there will be a strong support network when I arrive. No matter how excited I am about this new future, I am extremely frightened and I will need good friends to help me through the challenges. (And to help celebrate the joys, too!)

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