The maze

There are countless metaphors for life: It’s a puzzle; it’s a book; it’s a song; it’s a dance; it’s a path; it’s a maze.

Goodness, I do wish life were as simple as any of those things! Especially on days like today, when I managed to complete a maze from my daily calendar in one try – and in pen. No mistakes. I just started through the maze and found my way to the other end without bumping into walls. (OK, I paused to look around a couple of times, but I didn’t get lost.)

Life just isn’t that simple. Of course, if life were that simple, maybe it wouldn’t be worth it. I mean, I’ve met some pretty awesome people in my puzzle-book-song-dance-path-maze. And some of those people were met because I needed help with the puzzle, picked the wrong book, sang the wrong lyrics, forgot the dance steps, left the path, or took the wrong turn.

Life isn’t a puzzle or a book or a song or a dance. It’s not a path or a maze. It’s just life. And life is fantastic and wonderful – despite the pain and sorrow that lingers at the edges.

And isn’t life funny, the way you can sit down to do a simple maze and all of the sudden you’re contemplating the meaning of it all?

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