We blew it

Today was spent doing more touristy stuff with Mum and Dad. This time, over the Old and New Blewett Passes with a few stops along the way.

We started with lunch at the Liberty Cafe before heading up the Old Blewett Highway. Then along the first leg of the journey, we stopped to admire the lovely panoramic views. Once we got to the end of the old highway, we turned off at the location of the old (now non-existent) town of Blewett.

From there, I crossed the (new) highway to check out an old arrastre before we drove down a bit further to see the old stamp mill and an old mine. Then it was back home via the new Blewett Pass with another stop or two along the way to see an old cabin and some bison.

I won’t bore you with more words (other than image captions) because I know that pictures are more entertaining than written descriptions. So, here’s what I saw (and looked like) today!

[Photo credits to me and my parents, Roy and Barbara Cook. I can’t recall who took which, but I have been granted permission to share them with you regardless.]

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