A letter a day

February is letter-writing month, which means I will be writing a letter a day for the whole of February. Regular readers will know that I am an avid letter-writer and that I’ve taken part in “Letter Month” for a few years now (in addition to the letters I write throughout the year).

Part of my letter-writing process this month will be joined in with my 2019 goals of being more “mindful” in my day-to-day life. That means that I will be thinking about the recipient as I write, without the distraction of television or music. Instead, it will just be my focused thoughts and a bit of paper as I mindfully write my letters.

I will use this year’s letter-writing month as an opportunity to write letters to people who aren’t part of my normal letter exchange. I often use this time to send letters of thanks to people who’ve had a positive impact on my life (even if they are no longer an active part of my life).

This year, I am writing letters to several groups of people:

People who’ve shaped my life: These are people who’ve made a positive impact on my life, even if they don’t realise it. And they’re not necessarily people I am in contact with. It could be a teacher that I’ve not seen since school or a former neighbour.

People who’ve helped me: In some cases, this could be a specific person who helped me in a specific way. Or it could be a “random” NHS nurse who receives a letter as a way of thanking all of the NHS nurses who’ve helped me over the years.

People who are struggling: Again, maybe this is someone I know who is going through a hard time. Or maybe it is someone that someone else knows, and they’ve asked me to send an unsigned letter of hope and inspiration. (Please get in touch if you would like me to send a letter to someone you know.)

People I know and love: You know, siblings, sprogs of siblings, parents, other family members and friends. Yeah, that group is a bit self-explanatory.

I expect that the list of people to write to will grow beyond the 28 days of February as the month goes on. But that just means that I will have a working list for my March and April letters. And as I’ve got a pile of lovely stationery and some new wax for sealing envelopes, I have more than enough supplies for the extra letters!

2 Replies to “A letter a day”

  1. You are always such an inspiration. I do not have 28 people to write but wanted to participate. Instead half the days I will write letters and the other half I shall pay forward blessings while I’m out.

    1. Of course, postcards count! You do not have to write to 28 people. You can write to 1 person 28 times, or you can just write to a few people without worrying about quotas. The idea is to get people communicating outside of the digital sphere, not to guilt people into writing more than they can.

      You are the Queen of Blessings, and I am sure that you will do more than enough to bring joy to people’s lives—with or without letters.

      All my love to you!

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