A buried church

I enjoyed a quick mini-adventure to uncover treasures at a buried church today. Which probably sounds more mysterious and adventurous than the reality of the adventure!

Indeed, there was no church involved. Instead, the site of today’s adventure was a memorial to Catherine Sinclair, a Scottish author and philanthropist. The memorial is in the style of an Eleanor Cross and is modelled after the Scott Monument, of which she was a major donor.

But whilst there isn’t actually a church at the site, the memorial has been said to look as if the steeple of a buried church is sticking out of the ground. And that is where the inspiration for the treasure hunt comes in: “Buried Church?” is the name of a geocache found at the site. And that geocache was my inspiration for today’s adventure!

The geocache is located on a corner in the New Town that I have walked past countless times over the years. But when I saw it on the map, I couldn’t picture the monument; I had no recollection of this beautiful stone structure. And that just served as a reminder that I really do need to be more mindful; more “in the moment”.

And so, I used this adventure as an opportunity to practice being more mindful and aware of my environment. It is something I try to do quite often, but I am aware that I tend to forget to pay attention when I am thinking of other things.

And that is probably why I’ve never noticed this monument in the past: I was not paying attention.

I am planning to enjoy adventures a bit more often now that the weather is warming up a bit and the days are growing longer. So, with luck, I will find a lot of other interesting things that I have been ignoring for far too long!

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