A matriculated update

Well, I suppose I should give a bit of an update as I’ve not said a word since leaving America. I’ve just been too frazzled and jetlagged to write.

After my initial panicked breakdown around leaving, I did manage to calm down and, surprisingly, I didn’t freak out or panic the morning I left, other than slight stress when I felt that we might be late to the airport because of traffic.

And the travelling part was quite comfy, too, as I enjoyed my first/business class accommodations with fully reclining seats. (All thanks to my awesome cousin who hooked me up with a buddy pass!) Once I arrived at the airport I made my way to the train station for my trek to Edinburgh where my friend (and housemate) picked me up to take me home.

The following day I wandered around the estate I’m living on before going into the city to attend a wee social with my fellow PhD students. I also spent some time unpacking and trying to organise things in my room. (That task is still not complete!)

Yesterday I made my way back to the city so that I could formally matriculate at university as a PhD research student. (Yay!) I also took a bit of time to check out my office and sort through my school email account. And then I took advantage of the learning environment and went to a short research methods lecture around data collection.

Then today I’d planned to wake up bright and early so that I could make my way into the city to run several errands. Instead, I woke up a little after 1 pm, shocked at how late I managed to sleep. So instead of being productive, I have so far done nothing.

Hopefully, I’ll be a bit better acclimatised by tomorrow so that I can run those errands I missed today. If not, I suppose they’ll be waiting for me on Monday when I return to university for my first full day as a student.

Photo notes: That’s me with my student ID card, being a typical student and lounging in my bathrobe all day long. (Tomorrow, I will shower and put on real clothes. Really.)

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