A which way adventure to Penicuik and Roslin

Today was another walking day. A familiar, yet different, walking day. A long, yet easy, walking day. And an energising, yet tiring, walking day!

The walk was planned on the go with options along the way. The first destination was Auchendinny, as that serves as a junction for several options (such as yesterday’s walk to the Rosslynlee Mental Hospital). As we neared the village, we decided to carry on to Penicuik.

I have never walked to Penicuik before, although I have walked from Penicuik to Auchendinny when I’ve been house sitting in the past. So, I knew the way and was able to make suggestions of which paths to take as we went along. Then, once in Penicuik, we visited a couple of old churches before heading back to the path for the return to Auchendinny. Only this time, we went through the woods instead of the paved pathway (a former railway line).  

Once back at Auchendinny, we had more decisions to make: Head back towards my estate via the same route we travelled earlier or carry on towards the Roslin Glen. We chose to head back towards the glen, as I would do when I’m walking to the Roslin Gunpowder Factory. Only this time we bypassed the factory so that we could visit the old Rosslyn Castle station. Then we cut across the road, up the Jacob’s ladder, and through the Roslin Glen to the Rosslyn Chapel before finally walking through the village and back home. The 13.45-mile trip took 5 hours, 47 minutes, and 5 seconds and equated to about 26,000 steps.

Phew! If you’re tired from reading that, just think of how tired I am after having walked it all. (Although I feel like this was easier than yesterday’s 9.6-mile walk which was done at a faster pace.)

There was a definite autumn feel to the air during today’s walk, so I am aware that my adventures will need to be better planned to account for the wind and rain. Or maybe I will just need to (finally) invest in better winter walking gear as I mused about way back in January 2014. (Or maybe both. Stay tuned to find out!)

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