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I’ve just completed an application for another PhD studentship and have realised that I am running out of options and opportunities now. In fact, there don’t appear to be any more opportunities for the upcoming academic year, and I fear that if I don’t begin my PhD studies this year, I never will. But I’m not going to think about that right now. Instead, I’m going to try to be positive!

Today’s application is for the Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation at Edinburgh Napier University and if I am successful, the position includes a partial tuition waiver as well as a small living stipend. It’s not a full ride, but it would be enough for me to survive on – assuming I can find the rest of the tuition.

Like my application to the University of Glasgow, this PhD would be based on my proposed research. And, like Glasgow, I’ve submitted a research proposal that looks at personal reputation management online. I would be studying in an informatics department, rather than a policy centre, so I needed to tweak the research slightly. But it is still of immense interest to me and it’s something that I would be very keen to spend three years researching.

I don’t know if I will get the placement, but the first step to finding out is to submit my application. Now that I’ve done that, I’m moving on to the praying portion of the process. And, just in case, I’ve already noted July 24 on my calendar for interviews, as that’s when they’ll be meeting with their first-pick candidates.

Oh! Speaking of PhD interviews, I am pleased to announce that I’ve been invited to interview for the studentship at Stirling in a couple of days. I’m very nervous about it but I am trying to stay positive – without getting my hopes up too much.

If you’re a prayer person, I’d appreciate any prayers you can spare!

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