Coronation candy

Today I had a permanent crown placed on a poorly tooth that’s been bothering me since early May. So, in honour of my coronation, I thought I would share a guilty little secret about what’s in my stash drawer. (Well, I say secret, but I’m sure everyone knows that I have a soft spot for candy.)

So, here are the contents of my favourite drawer:

  • 11 packs of Love Hears
  • 6 rolls of Refreshers
  • 1 large box of Sweethearts
  • 1 small box of Conversation Hearts
  • 20 Refresher lollies
  • 3 Double Lollies
  • 3 Drumstick lollies
  • 4 Tootsie Roll Pops
  • 1 large Sugar Daddy
  • 1 Ring Pop
  • 1 pack of Giant Chewy Sweet Tarts
  • A 1-pound bag of Jelly Bellies
  • 2 packs of Starbursts
  • 3 regular candy canes
  • 1 jumbo candy cane
  • 8 small packs of Parma Violets
  • 2 large tubes of Smarties
  • 6 Crunchy bars
  • 2 packs of Bubblicious gum
  • 2 tins of Altoid mints
  • ½ pack of Twizzlers
  • 2 322.5g bags of Bassett’s Allsorts
  • 1 250g bag of Murray Mints
  • 1 small pack of Murray Mints
  • 3 sticks of rock candy
  • 1 200g bag of mini Wham bars
  • 1 210g bag of Swizzels Matlow Sweets (which means more Love Hearts!)
  • 10 Tootsie Rolls
  • And a few random bits-and-bobs

Oh, and in addition to the candy drawer, I have a crystal candy dish filled with Murray Mints and Life Savers. There are also a few lollypops in my handbag. Then there’s the supply in the glove box of the car. And don’t forget my stash of Love Hearts and Refreshers in my office desk. And like any other hoarder, I’m sure there are stashes of sweets I’ve forgotten about. Or that I’m too embarrassed to acknowledge publicly.

Yeah, it’s a shocker that I’m not sporting a full set of dentures, huh?

5 Replies to “Coronation candy”

  1. Haha to have that much candy in the house it shows that you must have will-power!
    Mmmmm crunchie…
    Where did you get your Parma Violets from? Online or imported or what? Back before I’d met my husband, I wanted to send him a box of candy. I don’t personally like parma violets that much, but I knew he would. So I scoured the city and no-one seemed to know where one could find them. I was shocked that so many brands seemed to have disappeared since my childhood 😮 So I ended up having to order the candy online. I’d really like to know how many English shops still sell them.

    1. I get my UK candy from my sister-in-law in England, friends in Scotland, or from visits/trips that I make over there. I’m not really a fan of Parma Violets, either, but my nieces and nephews like them and the Wham bars. British Delights ( is meant to be a great, reputable source for UK imports. I’m sure there are others, too.
      I need more Crunchies though, since I like to treat myself to one every Friday. I’ll be out in six weeks! Oh no!

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