Even happier if…

Today’s post is a list. You would be forgiven to think that lists are an easy-out when it comes to writing, but they are really hard work because they make you think and reflect. So, it’s not a total cop-out. (Although it is yet another diversion from the task I’m meant to be working on today.)

25 things that would make me even happier if they happened tomorrow:

  1. Finding a way to pay for my PhD
  2. Having someone declare their undying love to me
  3. Gaining Scottish (OK, British) citizenship
  4. Getting a car (a classic Sting Ray, preferably)
  5. Losing my unsightly belly fat
  6. Finding someone to snuggle on the couch with
  7. Breaking a 28-minute 5K
  8. Winning the lottery
  9. Flirting with a cute boy
  10. Teaching a young child something fun and exciting
  11. Having a nice, long chat with a good friend
  12. Eating a full-on, proper American burger (dill pickles and all!)
  13. Curling up on the couch to watch a movie with a friend
  14. Finding money I didn’t know I had in my pocket
  15. Finding a steady supply of lovely Washington State red wines (and some whites)
  16. Being whisked away for a weekend retreat somewhere fantastic
  17. Playing a round of golf
  18. Getting a membership to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society
  19. Finding out that my blood disease thing is in remission
  20. Learning how to whistle with my fingers
  21. Getting a really great new gadget
  22. Having a viable teleportation device so that I could (easily) visit family around the world
  23. Finding a place in Scotland that sold root beer on tap
  24. Having the sunshine follow me around all day long
  25. Finding a way to pay for my PhD (sorry, that one deserves two mentions)

Of course, I would also just be happy to make it through the day without anything bad happening. A bit of boringness and apathy is preferable to stress, sadness, and bad luck.

How about you? What would make tomorrow a happier day in your world?

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