Scholarship hopes

I am losing hope. Bit by bit, moment by moment. It is a painful process because I fear that my continued loss of hope will inevitably mean that I have to abandon my dreams.

But all is not lost yet. So I am still working to find a way to keep the hope alive; to make the dreams a reality.

To that, today I applied for a Saltire Scholarship. It’s only £2,000, but something is better than nothing. I hope to know the outcome of my application sometime in June. (I was awarded the same scholarship for my master’s degree. I don’t know if that fact will help or hinder my application.)

If I get it, it means I only need to find another £11,000 for my University of Glasgow tuition – plus another £12,000 (or more!) for living expenses. (For the first year; I’ll have to do it all over again next year!)

I am also working on a studentship application for the University of Stirling. It’s one I wondered about, but I am now confident that I would enjoy the project – and that I would not only have a great deal to offer but that I would get a great deal out of it.

That application is due 21 June and I will be sure to let you know when I’ve made my application – and if I get the placement.

Yes, Glasgow is still my first choice, but I need to keep looking other places before the last thread of hope breaks free from the fabric of my (threadbare) sanity.

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