Falling words

I went to Snoqualmie Falls on my way home from my Olympia/Portland journey and was amused when I noticed words embedded into the steps and sidewalk around the visitors’ centre. I couldn’t find anything about them on signs, so I don’t know if they are meant to form together into a poem, or if they’re meant to spark the imaginations of others – or if they’re just meant to be random falls-related words.

Without directions from signs, I’ve decided to try my hand at a quick poem using the words as inspiration. So, here goes!

Falling words

by Just Frances

Sparkling, rushing, gushing
    She smiled as he walked through the door

Whirling, swirling, twirling, breathtaking
    Her heart skipped a beat; her head was dizzy
        Like the ebbs eddies of the water, her emotions flowed
            Each glance sent ripples through her heart

His very presence was as refreshing as the spray and mist of mountain waterfall

His eyes glistened like crystallised stones reflecting in backwater’s ruffles
    Splashing, soaking, misting with each gaze

Her love for him was as deep as a catch pool
    Though the currents and waves sent her emotions scrambling

Her thoughts turned to crashing, rumbling, tumbling thoughts of sadness
    As he meandered through the room

Her spirit felt a plunging, pouring, roaring upheaval as she realised he would never be hers
    And then the tears were cascading, falling, flowing

She felt that her entire world was rolling in desperate desire
    Like the spring’s snowmelt over the waterfall

Yikes! That is really bad. I’m sorry about that. I decided to give myself only 5 minutes and this is what happens when you just let the words flow.

The words I found are below – in the order I found them (and the order I’ve used above).

My challenge to you is to use some or all of them to write something of your own: A poem, a story, a song—anything that strikes your fancy. And if you’ve moved to share it with me, that would be great!

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