Fear is a silly thing

I posted a while back about “I AM” poems, and how I like to re-write mine from time to time because it helps me to reflect on my world. There are a dozen or so other poem templates that I like to use for personal reflections, too. For some reason, I felt the need to re-address fear today. And since I’m certain my public is eager to know my thoughts on the matter, I’m sharing it with you here!

Fear is a silly thing

by Just Frances

Scale the wall.

Fear is not enough to keep you from your dreams.
Fear is a silly thing.

Scale the wall.

Fear is only an obstacle if you allow it to be.
Fear is a force to be conquered.

Scale the wall.

Fear is not as strong as your determination.
Fear is a silly thing. 

Scale the wall.

Fear is a manifestation of uncertainly.

Managed by courage.
Conquered by determination.

Hope lies on the other side
Ready to embrace and support
Life’s eternal goodness.

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