I am

“I AM” is a poetry lesson often taught at the grade school level. It is sort of like Mad Libs, but with a slightly more serious slant. (Though I know a few teachers who have their pupils write outlandishly silly poems with the template to foster creativity and imagination.) Anyhow, I like to re-write my “I AM” poem every so often because my mood and my environment dictate the outcome and I find it to be a good exercise in personal reflection. Blah, blah, blah…

Here’s my most recent re-write:


by Just Frances

I am courageous and strong.
I wonder what the future holds for me.
I hear the laughter of happy memories.
I see goodness in the hearts and souls of others.
I want to be blissfully happy.
I am courageous and strong.

I pretend to be happy even when I’m not.
I feel sadness and joy at the same time.
I touch the stars.
I worry that I will be lonely forever.
I cry when I think of the future I once dreamed of.
I am courageous and strong.

I understand the pain of a broken heart.
I say the world is still a beautiful place.
I dream of a happy future.
I try to find a bit of joy each day.
I hope that the joy will one day overshadow the sorrow.
I am courageous and strong.

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