Vinyl issues

I’ve finally gotten around to my first attempt at digitalizing my vinyl collection. Actually, I’ve started with my parents’ collection, as it’s their fancy-schmancy machine. And can I just say it’s a bit of a bizarre world when dealing with LPs is a confusing and difficult task?!

So far, I’ve transferred one record: Roger Miller’s The 3rd Time Around. Now, I don’t know if it’s because it’s an old record, a dirty record, or an overly-sensitive recording device, but I’ve heard more clear sounding music when driving through the Snoqualmie Pass snow shed attempting to listen to KXLE. Yes, it’s that scratchy and crackly sounding!

That’s problem #1. Problem #2 is that the software doesn’t automatically save each song as an individual file. Of course, this may be due to the recording quality and maybe with a newer album – or with a cleaner album – it will work just fine. Problem #3 then is that when transferred to iTunes (and subsequently my iPod) instead of having 12 songs that are approximately two minutes each, I have to play it as a single album of a little more than 27 minutes.

Because I won’t be out-done and shown up by a simple piece of technology, I will figure these issues out. My first step is to re-learn the art of properly cleaning vinyl. Once I see how the recording works on a clean record, I will make further changes to the process. If Paul were here, he’d have it all figured out already. He was, after all, the music maker in our family. But he’s not here and I’m sure he’s giggling at me from above as I attempt with difficulty what he would accomplish with relative ease.

Stay tuned for more exciting installments of this dynamic and fascinating story…

2 Replies to “Vinyl issues”

  1. I vaguely recall, probably from when I was researching the deck, that you have to insert a marker between each song so they can be stored and played individually. I don’t know much more than that however, the information is out there somewhere and it is possible.

  2. Yes, I sort of saw how to do that, I just need to determine the best way to insert the markers. I was also hoping that a cleaner or newer album might be easier to insert the markers with (I’ll show you what I mean when you’re here next). I will do a bit of experimenting this weekend, if I don’t have too many Mimosas that is…

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