Filters, finds, and falls

I enjoyed a nice wee wander up to the filter beds near Glencorse Reservoir to find a geocache near a waterfall today. I even saw a filly along the way. As it happens, it was the first time I’ve left the house all year, and it really felt good to stretch my flexors! (I’ll leave the alliterations alone now.)

Today’s adventure was part of my ongoing desire to be more adventuresome, as well as my long-term desire to prioritise my own well-being. I had intended on going yesterday, but I have been battling a cold and decided that it was better for me to take an extra day to convalesce. (See that? I chose to prioritise my well-being!)

Today’s adventure was also part of my desire to increase my physical fitness so that I’m better able to achieve my 2016 running goals. I know that a gentle 4-mile walk isn’t quite the rigorous training that’s needed to maintain a 13.1-mile race pace, but the fresh air is just what my cold-filled chest needed!

Anyhow… onto the geocache find! It’s called Flotterstone; Old Filter Beds and is quite near the Glencorse Reservoir – and even nearer a little waterfall. As I neared the location, I was feeling pretty confident that I knew exactly where to go. So I walked with determination to the tree in question. But there wasn’t a cache where I expected one to be. So I inspected the tree some more, to no avail.

So I was off to another tree. And another, and another. Then back to the first one. It had to be there. It just had to be. But it wasn’t. So I inspected a couple more trees, traversing up and down the hillside as I frustratingly checked and re-checked my GPS coordinates.

After one last trek to what I knew in my heart of hearts was the tree, I began to accept defeat and begrudgingly began the careful decline from the hillside. Only as I looked longingly back over my shoulder, I saw what must be the hiding place. Right there, inches away from where I had been looking.

And I found it. Finally. A lovely little find by the waterfall at the filter beds.

I didn’t take too many photos on today’s adventure, in part because I have already shared several pictures from Glencorse Reservoir nearly two years ago. But you can enjoy the few I did take!

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