Friday eve

Friday eve is here and I’m celebrating with a cold bottle of Pyramid Brewery’s Haywire Hefeweizen and a bowl of pretzels.

It’s strange because, if you didn’t know, I’ve been teetotal since the end of January. Not because I have a drinking problem and should be teetotal, but rather because I’ve been very stressed lately and that stress has made me unhappy. Added to that, I’ve not been sleeping well. And let’s face it: booze + stress + sadness + insomnia does not equal a good idea!

Also, I try to stay away from salty snacks. Having kidney disease means that I need to maintain my blood pressure and salt is not a friend of low blood pressure. (Then again, neither is excessive amounts of alcohol!) And as pretzels are extremely high sodium—even compared to potato chips—they are a rare treat indeed!

So why am I lapping up the beer and salt tonight? Well, because I’ve had a pretty good week that has seen some of my stress [temporarily] melt away. And it’s because for two weeks now, my blood pressure has been around 115/75 which is pretty gosh-darn-good for a woman in her [late?] 30s with kidney disease.

Oh, and I guess I’m also having a mini celebration because I had my dental cleaning and check up today and am cavity free. Not bad for a candy addict, huh?

So—Yay for Friday eve!

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  1. Congrats on your bp. And…from seeing some of your food posts, I have to tell you that I am also a great lover of Fiestaware! In fact, the town I’m from in WV is one mile away from HLC where Fiesta is made! 🙂 So, every time I go ‘home’ to visit, I check out the outlet store for seconds. Fun!

    1. Thanks! I work really hard to keep my BP low. It’s hard because of the kidney disease, but it’s vital for my long-term health!
      I’ve loved Fiestaware since I was a kid. I have 6 colours and can’t bear the thought of getting rid of them when I move to Scotland. So, I plan to pack them up and store them at my sister’s house until I can decide if I want to ship them over or sell them.
      Having a HLC outlet store around would be AWE-SOME!!

  2. I’m only cavity free because they were all filled 25 years ago by Dr. Nelson. And though I don’t drink beer, a nice cold Stewart’s Root Beer to go with those lovely pretzels sounds awfully good right now.

    1. I had a few Dr. Nelson fillings but as they got old and broke, I got them replaced with white fillings. I’m secretly hoping that my last Nelson filling needs to be replaced before I move so that I don’t have any more silver fillings!
      (I loved that you got to listen to a WalkMan in his office. But he had a rubbish music collection so I always brought in my own.)
      I don’t drink colas but I LOVE root beer! I used to drink 1-2 a day, but now only drink it about once a month. Maybe I’ll have one tonight… Yes, that’s a good idea!

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