Nine years ago

Nine years ago today, my intended life plans changed. Only I didn’t know it at the time.

I was living in Scotland whilst studying at Edinburgh Napier University. I was researching graduate schools and had planned to finish my undergrad then go directly on to my master’s work, followed by my doctoral studies. I was certain that I would be “Doctor Cook” by the time I was 35. Then I would work toward becoming a single mum through adoption. (I was extremely picky and couldn’t find a man worthy of a second date, let alone a man I’d consider marriage and adoption with!)

Then I met Paul. I thought I was just meeting a great guy and that we’d date whilst I was in Scotland and maybe we’d stay in touch when I returned to the states, and that if we were still in touch when I returned to Scotland again maybe we’d date a bit more. When I realised that I was really falling in love for the first time in my life, I realised that I needed to re-think my plans. I couldn’t imagine passing up a relationship with this amazing man just so that I could get my PhD. Plus, I had a feeling that he’d be supportive of me doing that later. And he was.

[Note: A more detailed story of our meeting can be found here.]

So nine years later I’m sitting here with a new life plan. It’s a bit sad to realise that my new plan is so similar to the one I had nine years ago; it’s almost as if I’ve just been in a state of suspended animation. But I don’t regret taking the diversion – not at all; not in the least.

I don’t find this to be a sad day or a sad memory; though it is sad to know that I don’t have Paul here to walk down Memory Lane with me. But at least I still have the memories…

4 Replies to “Nine years ago”

  1. Love, even when it leaves us, is worth every ounce of pain that it may inflict. Better to have experienced the heights even just for a short time than have spent your life in the dark.

  2. life definitely throws curve balls into the path of ‘progress’ but in my experience, those curve balls are usually well aimed.
    good luck with life plan 2.0 (watch out for the curve balls)

  3. I love your new plan. I think you are awesome for doing it and not being afraid. (or at least pushing past the fear)
    Does that make you my hero? It kind of does.

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