Schrodie lives!!

It was just before 4 am when the screaming howls of cats outside my bedroom window woke me with a start. I ran towards the back door to rescue my cat, only on opening the door I heard the sounds of an animal running into the cedar trees. I called out for Schrodie, but she didn’t answer.

I panicked running back into the house to check for her. She wasn’t on the couch or my bed. She didn’t come when I shook her food container.

I grabbed the flashlight and started walking toward the cedars – crying and shaking. As my light flashed on Schrodie’s collar and a trailing of fur along the edge of the trees, I broke down as I realised that my cat might just be gone.

My sister, Celeste, was with me for the weekend so I got her out of bed to assist in the search – she too had been awoken by the sounds of angry cats. And when we both realised that, yes, Schrodie was gone, I broke down on the pavement in a way that was oddly similar to my breakdown on hearing the news of Paul’s death.

Laying in bed, all I could think of was how horrible this place was and how awful the world would be without Schrodie. I was planning to one day bring her to Scotland with me and now I would never see her again. I kept thinking that maybe it wasn’t Schrodie – the fur seemed lighter than hers, but maybe it was just lighter because it was spread out on the dampened lawn.

Eventually, I started to think about how I would convince my sister that she needed to gather up the collar and the fur so that we could bury them with Paul. And I started to wonder how I would tell my foster daughter, who was at a friend’s house for the night. And I started to wonder how I would manage my last few weeks in this house without Schrodie.

Then, three hours later, a miracle happened. Schrodie came bounding into my room and pounced on my chest. She was alive! And was clever enough to know that if she bashed her head hard enough on the sensor-activated cat door (the activation unit is on her collar) she could gain entry into the house.

The house is filled with jubilation as we celebrate the fact that Schrodie, who is named for Erwin Schrodinger, was dead for three hours, but actually was alive. Alive!!!

Sadly, something died in the early hours this morning. But that something was trespassing so my cat had to defend our home. I just hope that something wasn’t a child’s beloved pet…

Oh! Another thought: Cat’s have nine lives, mine has eight left.

And just look at that cat! This photo was taken this morning. She’s loving the attention but I think she wonders what the big deal is…

4 Replies to “Schrodie lives!!”

  1. Oh Frances, I’m so pleased Schreodie is ok. I had a similarly horrible experience one time when one of my former cats decided to flit for a while and I was convinced he was squashed on the road. It didn’t help when someone came to ask if the dead cat they had found might be mine. Luckily, like you, I was worrying needlessly and my boy came home of his own account some days later. Equally wondering what all the fuss was about.
    Your cat is indeed well named however. Proving that you can be both dead and alive at the same time, with neither state being confirmed until it is observed!

  2. PS I’m glad she chose to be the latter rather than the former. I hope to meet her one day

  3. Oh, Frances, I know how you felt. I, too, had a bad scare when my lovely Lexy stayed out too late one night and the next morning at 5 am, he was still no where to be seen. I called out for him in the still of the early morning and lo and behold, I hear him crying out. He was alive!! But where? I put on my shoes and get the flashlight and continue to call out and follow the sound of his cries. I found him up an electric pole in the field across from the house. Given this was a cat who more than once had to be rescued from the top of the kitchen cabinets, I knew that he didn’t just wander up there on his own. Either a mountain lion or a coyote had scared him up there. Luckily, after a few frantic calls to 911, Animal control and the electric company, at 7 am, two lovely gentleman (Jim & Jack) came with their cherry picker and rescued him. I was never so relieved in my life. I cried and cried and cradled him in my arms. That relief, like yours, will live with me for a looong time. Sooo glad you have him back home, safe and sound :))

  4. Aahhhh….One of the main reasons she will become an indoor cat at my house. I am so glad she is ok. I know what that loss feels like. It is terrible to lose a pet, but more so when you realize it was your fault for letting them roam. I have felt this too many times, therefore, my cats live indoors now.
    Did you check her for bites or scratches? Sometimes they can hide in all that fur and get absessed later. Does it sound like I’ve been thru this before?
    So glad it turned out well.

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