Team Buggie

My awesome niece, Bug, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma the other day. She’s just days away from turning 15 and is an amazing kid. Really.

Bug is a golfer. She’s a softball player and a soccer player and a basketball player and an any-other-sport-you-can-think-of player. Well, maybe not a rugby or cricket player because we just don’t do that in our neck of the woods.

Bug likes math and she’s good at it. Heck – Bug just likes school in general and is good at it.

She likes hiking and camping and fishing and hunting.

And she’s stubborn and bloody-minded. And she’s a fighter. And she fights like a girl. And girls fight to win. And when she says she’s gonna do something, she does it! And she says she’s gonna beat this. And I do not doubt in my mind that she will.

Go Team Buggie! We all love ya lots and lots. xx

2 Replies to “Team Buggie”

  1. THis is not awesome. But I have heard that the people with the best outlooks for any type of illness are the ones who go in with a positive attitude. And it sounds like she has that. But we will keep her in our prayers. 15 is too young to face something like this, but I’m glad she has a supportive aunt and family to rally around her at this time. Who’s daughter is she? Cuz her mom needs our prayers and a virtual hug too!

    1. Not awesome, indeed!! But this kid really does have the right attitude and an amazing team to get her through.
      Bug (Krystyne) is Veronica’s daughter. She is a freshman at Cle Elum High and is a great kid. I’m sure that Veronica will take all the prayers you can offer, too!!

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