Ten things

It’s another list day. Yay!

Today’s list is 10 things I’ve not done in more than a year but that I am going to work hard at doing in the next 12 months. So here goes!

  1. Go for a bike ride (Last ride: Autumn 2008)
  2. Plant something (Last planting: Tulip and crocus bulbs in England; March 2010)
  3. Eat BBQ burgers and dogs (It’s been 2+ years which is too+ long!)
  4. Go to Scotland (Last trip: Feb/Mar 2010)
  5. Travel out of state to visit friends* (Last trip: October 2009)
  6. Go to a fair (Last fair: September 2006)
  7. Get a haircut (Last cut: February 2010**)
  8. Buy a fiction novel (Last purchase: April 2010)
  9. Go camping (Last trip: So long ago I can’t even remember!)
  10. Buy a new gadget***

And may I just say how difficult it was to create this list? At first, I thought: Just 10 things? No problem! But the problem is that so many of the things I’ve not done in the past year+ are things that I have no intentions of ever doing again! I mean, it’s been more than a year since I last changed a tire, but I don’t plan on changing one in the next year. Nor do I plan on chopping firewood or making a pine cone wreath.

How about you? Do you have a list of 10 things to share? And if so, how easy was it to create?

* As into another state within the USA – not as in out of the states, which I’ve done as recently as December 2010.
** Yes, really. More than a year ago. That’s about normal for me. What do I care? It’s just hair.
*** OK, in fairness I bought an iPod Shuffle sometime last summer. But with gadgets, a month is like a year, so I’m really jonesin’, man!

7 Replies to “Ten things”

  1. 10 Things I’d like to do in the next 12 months:
    1. Dip my toes in the Pacific Ocean
    2. Visit The Vegas!
    3. Take a cruise
    4. Register for classes
    5. Leave the country
    6. Buy a new car
    7. Enhance my website by growing followers
    8. Work on my Italian
    9. Do something out of the ordinary
    10. Celebrate my birthday in style

    1. Great list! I’ll be doing 1, 4, 5, and potentially 9 all within the next 4 months.
      It looks like your larger list is really getting done! You can mark off #165 and #265 (and probably several others!) by coming to Scotland to run the Loch Ness Marathon with me! (Because everyone wants to travel to a foreign land to run a marathon with a perfect stranger, right?)

  2. Oh, I’m so going to blog this myself later this week. Excellent list of things to do – I particularly like no. 4!!

    1. Yes, #4 is going to be my life saver I think. (I hope?) I’m even going to try and take care of #7 before the move.
      Can’t wait to see your list!

  3. I have a list of 10 things, but quite a few are things that I have NEVER done that I plan on doing in the next year:
    1. Get a passport (never had one)
    2. Visit my sister in Scotland (never been – see #1)
    3. Go for a bike ride (haven’t done this in probably 10+ years
    4. Go to NAPA valley (never been)
    5. Visit Uncle Fred and Aunt Becky (never been to their place)
    6. Go to Ocean Shores (never been)
    7. Pack a picnic lunch to eat after a nice hike into the woods somewhere (haven’t done in 10+ years)
    8. Go to VEGAS baby!! (been 3 years)
    9. Try as many different kinds of cuisine as possible (open to suggestions on what to try)
    10. Learn to cook one really great gourmet meal
    Going to be a fun filled year for me!

    1. Excellent list!! And I’ve got some amazing 5-course meal menus that are super easy, but super fancy! They take no time to prepare but your guests will rave about it forever!!
      And you’re part-way to #9. I mean, you’ve had haggis, neeps, and tatties already!!

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