The cost of vanity

For more than a year I’ve been telling myself to get some really nice, quality face moisturizer because grief can really take a toll on your skin. Between the constant crying, the lack of sleep, and the absolutely rubbish diet, my once-smooth skin began to age in triple-time shortly after Paul died. I’m now crying considerably less and sleeping a little bit more – so much of the swollen eye issues are subsiding. But still, I’ve been feeling less than happy with my skin’s appearance, and whilst I know part of this is my poor diet of late, part of it is also the fact that I’m no longer in my early-20s. (I know. Hard to believe!)

Anyhow, knowing that having nice skin would make me happy, I put buying a nice lotion on my task list for my life goal of being blissfully happy. Well, the day after I posted the tasks for that goal, a friend commented about products that she uses and that a friend of hers uses. Which got me searching for other things available.

So when I had an opportunity to drop my foster daughter off at her friend’s house for a couple of hours, I headed to the cosmetics counter at Macy*s. I was immediately pounced upon by the sales staff. (This was my first trip to a cosmetics counter. It was a bit scary and intimidating.) Thankfully, I’d read a bit about the various products online before heading out so I sort of kind of knew what I wanted because those girls started yakking on and on about this and that and totally lost me!

There were two brands I was interested in, and I chose based on the gifts – which I know is silly, but as they’re both major international brands with excellent reputations, I didn’t figure I had much to lose. Brand #1’s gift was makeup, which if you’ve read past posts, you’d know that doesn’t interest me. Brand #2’s gift was six travel/trial-sized containers of other products, and a little toiletry bag – all of which I could get some use out of.

And so, I’ve gone from my (very good) Olay products (a night cream and a day cream – about $20 for both) to the (supposedly) superior Lancôme products. I paid nearly $75 for a nice night cream then got three small containers of day creams, a small eye cream, and two small containers of serum (I don’t really know what that means yet) along with a nice little bag to carry them in. Yay!

The best part? I get to mark something off of my task list! That deserves another “Yay”!

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  1. If I kept track of all the things i have used over the years to hold back the clock, I probably would have had a much better down payment on my house. But at my current age I just can’t buy the cheap stuff anymore. It doesn’t work. I also have to use spf 50 because my freckles I was born with will be overrun by “age spots”. Which also look like freckles but are not. I don’t mind looking my age, I just never wanted to look older than I actually am. So good for you! I once heard, in reference to woman taking care of themselves, “Even a barn looks better painted!”. I have used that over the years as all the reason I need to pamper myself (within budget of course) and to not feel guilty about it. And you’ll have to give us an update on this new stuff and whether it lives up to it’s promises, since I’m always on the look out for the next thing to keep the wrinkles at bay!

    1. Amy, it’s just been two days, and so far I do like it and have to admit it’s nicer than the cheaper stuff. My problem is that I will go days without using the stuff. I’m trying to get better at that and will give a better product review once I know a bit more.
      I feel good about buying the stuff because Paul always said I needed to spoil myself (“We can afford it,” he’d remind me.”) He wanted me to be a Macy*s and Nordstrom gal, but I’ll always be a JCPenney sales rack kind of gal. (I try to buy non-sale items at JCP to make up for it.)

  2. Yay indeed! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with pampering yourself and undertaking maintenance of your assets!
    And choosing based on the free gifts is as good a way as any. In reality there’s little to choose between the various products. All claim miracles, few deliver on the miracles but they do help with the routine maintenance and barn painting.
    Now, your next goal should be to go the whole hog and book yourself in for a facial at the beauticians. Your skin may not be noticeably different (mine rarely is) but the feeling of wellbeing as you come out relaxed and pampered is worth the price alone.

    1. I agree! Plus, I like free stuff!
      I have been doing facials for the past year but not often enough. I go about every three months. One of my goals is regular spa treatments so I’m going to try about book about six months’ worth of them this week. Not all facials, but I think that if I can make going to the spa once a month a habit, it will help. Well, it will help my well-being, not necessarily my pocketbook!
      I also need to get back on my regular mani/pedi routine. I’d been going every six weeks, but haven’t gone in a few months now. Must get that fixed!

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