The dating game

Sometimes I think about dating. Only it’s a confusing topic for me. Not the dating part; I know how to do that. It’s more the mental and emotional part that has me uncertain. And not uncertain in an “Am I ready?” way; uncertain in an “I am a madwoman” way.

Worse, it’s more than one concern. So, I’m going to share them here and maybe the act of writing it down will help.

First, there’s the question of why I want to date. Is it because I’m lonely, bored, or restless? Is it because I don’t want to be alone? Is it because I feel a bit of social pressure? Is it because I actually feel that I’m ready to share my life with someone? Is it because I want to have someone to go to the movies with? Or is it because I want someone to curl up on the couch with?

I suppose it could be for all of those reasons. But if I don’t know why I want to date, then how do I know that I should be doing it?

Then, there’s the question of “What if I like him?” I wonder if I would know why? I mean, if I meet some guy and he’s nice and I find myself liking him, how do I know that it’s him I like and not just the idea of him answering/solving the questions I asked about why I want to date? Is he really all that funny? Is he really all that nice? Or am I like the thirsty man who drinks sand in the desert?

But there’s also the question of “What if I don’t like him?” Is it really that I don’t like him? Or am I just afraid and therefore finding flaws in flawless things? Or maybe I’m so confused that I can’t recognise the “spark” that you feel when you meet someone new? Is it because somewhere in my mind he’s not Paul and that makes me feel guilty and so I run? Is it because I’m afraid that others will judge me for dating, so I’m avoiding it? Is it because I’m afraid that if I date, Paul’s family and friends will be hurt?

Of course, there’s also the fear of my legitimate dislike (or maybe just a disinterest) in a guy and when I voice that feeling the guy (or others around me) may think that it’s because I’m holding a candle for someone else and that I’m “damaged by widowhood” or something. And whilst I admit that the concerns above are very much fears based on my marital status, I also know that sometimes I will just not like someone and that it has nothing to do with Paul.

Anyhow, there are millions of other questions and concerns that float through my head as I start to think about re-entering the dating world. And believe it or not, some are even crazier than the ones I’ve shared.

So, I don’t know. Between bad experiences with dating sites and these confusing questions and realisations that keep popping into my head, maybe I ought to just start looking at getting a dozen cats instead

2 Replies to “The dating game”

  1. Well those are all valid questions/thoughts for sure! How about this for thought… instead of ” jumping into the game” you just think about being open to the possibility of dating and letting fate take its course! That way you don’t have to worry about the answers so much, and when God puts that right person into your life you can just be receptive to the plan 🙂 I was in the same place (thoughtwise) & not ready to ” start dating again” at all when I met my husband. I believe its like when you always find the best clothes & shoes and the best deals when you’re not shopping for them…

    1. Thanks, Ramona! I don’t know that I’m ‘looking’ for someone, but am just kind of open to meeting someone if and when it happens. I never planned to meet Paul and it was the most amazing meeting of my life. Unfortunately, I don’t have a life that leads me to meet people, which means a lot of lonely nights, but I certainly don’t want to contrive a meeting. I guess that when/if I meet the right guy, I’ll just feel it. Like when I met Paul.

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