Warming up

I’ve been upset about Thanksgiving for a while now. Like really, really upset. I know it’s silly, but that’s the way it’s been. (As I’ve said.)

But all of the sudden, it’s getting better. It seems that there has been a late-comer (or two or three) to the party and Thanksgiving will maybe feel a little less like just having two friends over for dinner (not that having two friends over for dinner isn’t something to be thankful for) and a little more like a proper Thanksgiving. Well, as close to it as you can get when you’re not in America.

So now I’m getting all warmed up and I’m trying to figure out just how to get it all done. I’ve got pies to bake (will anyone like pumpkin pie?) and bread to rip (you know, for the stuffing). And I’ve got dill pickles to find and serving dishes to sort. In addition to regular dishes and chairs and stuff.

Oh, and drinks. Must figure out drinks. And I should decide what vegetables to serve. And I should try to find fresh cranberries so that I can make the sauce.

But don’t worry – I have the olives (all the way from America!) and even noticed today that they’re jumbo-sized so they’ll fit on adult fingers. Because you have to put olives on your fingers for Thanksgiving.

[The picture with this post is of our Thanksgiving table from 2008. What a wonderful memory that day has left for me!]

4 Replies to “Warming up”

  1. Will there be mince pie, too? I’ll be making both mince and pumpkin tomorrow. I’ll be taking those and the stuffing to the gathering at Royann’s.

  2. I suggest green bean casserole for a Veggie dish, we make it with a lot of bacon(pre cooked 1st), cream of mushroom or chicken, and velveeta, plus green beans of course! mix it all together & bake until warmed through, and put french’s on top 1/2 way through! Yummy, I can’t wait until Thursaday…guess what we’re bringing LOL 🙂

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