A change of course: Loch Ness, again

After two failed attempts to run a full marathon in 2013, I decided that I would run only half marathons in 2014 to work on my time for “shorter races”. Yes, I was adamant that 2014 would be a year of halfs and that I wouldn’t run another full until 2015.

But today was the deadline for the Loch Ness Marathon and I couldn’t resist it. (I was ever-so-slightly prodded by a friend.)

And that means I will be running the Loch Ness Marathon again. This also means you get the enjoyment of reading about my training. (Yay!)

For those counting Loch Nesses, I ran my first one in 2011 (in memory of Paul) followed by a second running in 2012. I was registered to run in 2013 but visa glitches meant I had to return to the States for a bit, missing the race.

For those counting “other” races, you can find the various running-related posts here or a photo gallery of races here.

And for those wondering what my 2014 race calendar looks like now, here it is:

I guess I should kick up my training a bit now …

4 Replies to “A change of course: Loch Ness, again”

  1. Glad to see Beat Beethoven on your list! I wish I could be there for this one, too. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and be sure to look out for that gal who was dressed so colorfully!

    1. Yeah, I’m looking forward to Beat Beethoven. It’s an easy race and quite a lot of fun. I think I’ve got a Stirling-based friend (and her sister) talked into joining me for it and I’ll try to rope in a few others, too. Just for the fun of it!

      1. Well, I gathered that the Beat Beethoven is all about the fun of it! Some of the costumes were great! And so many people with their dogs, too. I know you’ll enjoy every minute of it!

        1. I’m just hoping I manage to enjoy the marathon! What kind of a mad woman signs up for a marathon in 12 weeks’ time without any training?! (Oh yeah, this kind of mad woman …)

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