A nickel for my thoughts

As I walked to my car after work today, I noticed a nickel lying on the sidewalk and smiled as I swooped down to pick it up without missing a step. I mean, it’s only a nickel and most people wouldn’t have bothered, but as I’ve blogged before about my willingness to stop for coins, it shouldn’t be surprising to know that I’ve done it again.

Anyhow, it got me thinking about my future a bit – both the excitement and the insecurities! And since I’ve found it helps me to write about these things, you get to read a few of them! (But I’ll start with the bad and end with the good. Yay!)

The insecurities:

  • I’m [still] afraid about the financial side of my decisions. Going from middle class to starving student is going to be devastating!
  • I worry about what my social life will be like – and if the friendships I’ve forged with Paul’s friends since his death will survive once I’m there full time.
  • I wonder if I’m actually smart enough to do the whole postgraduate and doctoral studies thing.

I know that these things seem silly, but I live in near isolation and 95 percent of my non-work communications are electronic these days which just adds to my insanity which feeds my insecurities!

The excitement:

  • I am really looking forward to having a chance at a fresh start for this crummy little life I’m living. I’m convinced that it’s the step I need to find the joy I’ve lost.
  • I’m really excited about having a new partner in crime and am certain that (despite the doubts noted above) my social life will be better than it ever has been once I move.
  • I am very eager to begin my studies and am looking forward to being in a learning environment again. (That nickel from the intro paragraph has been added to my coin stash as part of my tuition fund.)

I wish I could say that the excitement always balances out the insecurities, but if I’m honest I’m getting more and more anxious, nervous, frightened, and insecure as I get closer to this great new adventure. I keep telling myself I’m being silly, but as you probably know fears and whatifs just take over sometimes!

But, hey! I am 5¢ closer to my £10,600 ($17,200) tuition bill now!

3 Replies to “A nickel for my thoughts”

  1. It might be hard to get rid of the insecurities until you’re actually on the plane…but as soon as you leave the airport on the other side of the ocean the excitement will take off and keep you flying high!

  2. Joanna’s right. You probably won’t settle the worries until you’re actually on your way here and getting started with it all.
    I’m really looking forward to having a new partner in crime too, and you know you’re more than welcome to lodge with me for as long as it takes – even if that’s the whole time you’re here! You would be right on the bus route to the Uni here, and there’s even space for a bike out back if you prefer a form of wheeled transport. I even know a place you can reconditioned bikes for very cheap rates!!

  3. I hope you’re both right! I keep telling myself that once I actually jump full-on into this new future, it will be great. Right now I’m just peeking over the edge though and it’s scary.
    Less than a month until I’m done working. Less than two months until I’m flying to Scotland. Wow. It’s happening so fast all of the sudden!!

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