A random letter

Today, I decided to let the Internet decide what my post would be. So, I went to Creative Writing Prompts to pick a topic. But I wanted it to be a bit more random than that, so I visited Random.org to pick my topic number. And that number was 109. The prompt is to write a letter to someone I feel I need to spend more time with.

I went back and forth over who to write to because I spend as much time as I can (or want) with most of the people in my life. (Well, geography gets in the way sometimes, unfortunately.) I finally decided to write to someone I really do miss; someone I really do wish I could spend more time with; someone I really need to spend more time with.

So, here goes:

Dear Happy Frances:

You have been on my mind a lot lately, and with each passing day, I realise just how much I miss you. I remember when we were inseparable; when we spent nearly every hour of every day together. But now, it just seems that we’ve been too busy to hang out.

I know that the last couple of years have been hectic and that for a while we weren’t even on speaking terms, but I guess I thought we were growing closer again. Only now it seems that we’re letting the busyness and craziness of life get in the way of our friendship again.

But the thing is, I don’t want our friendship to fizzle. I want us to grow close again. I want us to be inseparable again. I want you to spend more time with my other friends, too, because I know that they love you just as much as I do.

So, if you’re up for it – and I think you are! – I’d love to talk about how to find more time for each other. What do you say?

Lots of love,

7 Replies to “A random letter”

    1. It really is hard for us to take time for ourselves, isn’t it? I have nothing but time on my hands these days, but I still don’t take time for ‘me’. Maybe I should paint my nails today. That’s ‘me time’ and it makes me happy!

  1. Happy to help you find the ways to get and keep Happy Frances back in your life. She’s been around a few times, let’s see if we can get her to stay!

    1. Happy Frances has certainly been about a lot more in recent months–but she seems to be getting a bit lazy these days. I’m sure she’ll come out to play more now that the weather is improving…

  2. That letter got me all teary eyed-for you, for me, for anyone who has had a row with their happy half. Thanks for this Frances!

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