A record-breaking geocache adventure

Yesterday was a day of geocaching with my friend and his wee dug. And not just a day of geocaching: A record-breaking day of geocaching. Woohoo!

My friend suggested the day based on a recently placed geocache trail around St Boswells, a wee village in the Scottish Borders. This series of caches (mostly) follows the St Cuthbert’s Way as it winds around the River Tweed near the village. There are 30 caches in the (now inactive) “Boseils Trail”, so named as that’s what the locals call the village. We also grabbed 2 other caches along the way.

We walked 6 miles during the 5-hour(+) day and I racked up more than 15,000 steps for my efforts. We also logged 32 caches, which is a definite daily record for me and puts me at 99 caches for the year (so far).

Of course, the best part of the day was a chat and a catch-up with my friend (and his wee dug). My soul is always recharged after spending time with friends, and this one more than most. (Good friends are like that!)

Anyhow, I am now well and truly beyond my 2022 geocaching goal, but I will still push for (at least) four caches a month, which if I do no more than that will mean 115 caches for the year. But I feel relatively confident that I’ll surpass that number. However, I am not prepared to commit myself to more than that, as I don’t want to distract myself from my other 2022 goals.

Below are some of the wonderful and whimsical trinkets found in cache containers as well as some other random snapshots from the day. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

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