Half done

I completed my second half-marathon today. Well, that’s if you can count last year’s Inaugural Homeland Memorial Half Marathon. Which I do. Only today’s half wasn’t in the homeland (though it was on Memorial Weekend). No, today’s race was in my adopted home country of Scotland – the Edinburgh Half Marathon. (And I’m pleased to say my time has improved since last year!)

It really was a great race. My heart, mind, and soul were geared up and excited for the entire race – and could have carried me on further. However, my legs gave up around mile 9 or so. Yeah, maybe that’s because I haven’t actually run – at all – since my last race five weeks ago.

Still, I enjoyed the entire race. Really.

The weather was fab, too. This was my first Scottish race run in shorts and a tank top – and was a nice change from the driving rain I’ve had to deal with for some of my races. Even better, the course followed the seaside for a good distance, so the fresh sea air gave me a bit of enjoyment.

As I ran this, my 5th race in my 2012 Race a Month challenge, it struck me that my motivations have changed. Or, rather, changed back. You see, before Paul died I always ran for me. I ran because I enjoyed running. But after he died, I began running so that I could train for a marathon in his honour. And that was wonderful and I am pleased that I did it. But that’s done now, and without even realising my motivation has switched back to me and my own personal enjoyment. Certainly, I still think about Paul when I run – but I think of loads of other things, too.

Yes, running has once again become a time to clear my own mind. Part of me feels sad because it’s almost like a lost connection but at the same time, I still know that he’s there running with me. He is, after all, always with me—even when I’m not aware of it.

Oh, and another thing that struck me today was that I do have a bit of self-control. I mean, at mile 4 when I saw the two pence coin in the road, I didn’t stop to pick it up because I knew it would trip up other runners. Just before mile 8, I passed up a 50 pence piece and further along the route were two separate pennies that I left behind. And if you’re a regular reader, you might know how much of a challenge that was to me!

Anyhow, it was a good race; it was a good day. And, since you’ve read this far, I’ll tell you my time: 2.34.36. Slow, yes. But remember… I haven’t trained. (Maybe I should do that before the next race?)

And, as always, you can see photos from all of my races here!

4 Replies to “Half done”

    1. Well, you’ve done better than me! I don’t know if I could swim that far to save my life!!
      Hoping to get out for a training run in a day or two–once my legs calm down a bit.

  1. it’s really not that far, but i did work up to it (same as running distance tho’ i’ve stopped at the 7 mile mark!). six years ago i couldn’t front crawl and my breast stroke was scrappy – it’s slowly coming together and i try to keep up to sprint triathlon distance with the swimming since i know i can pedal and put one foot in front of the other.

  2. I had to chuckle about the coins–A couple months ago, when I went to have my oil topped up, I had to wait about 20 minutes as both bays were filled. It was such a wonderful day, all sunny and breezy, that I just walked around in the little grassy area behind the shop. As I walked, I found a penny and picked it up. I then saw another penny and picked it up. Then another, and another, and another, til I had 11 cents worth of muddy pennies. I wiped them on my jeans and put them in my pocket.
    When I got home, I checked email, and there was your post about pinching pennies!
    Love you!
    Ant Elizabeth

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