Hello, 40!

I was born 40 years ago today. It was a Thursday and I like to think that it was a day of great celebration. 

I wrote yesterday about saying goodbye to my 30s, so today is just a quick post to say hello to my 40s.

Unlike my 30s, which started with the highest of highs that being in love allows, my 40s are starting in a neutral zone. (But a happy neutral.) I’m happy, or at least happier than I’ve been in the past, and my future seems bright and positive. There isn’t anything so wonderful in my world at the moment that makes me want to leap out of bed and celebrate life each day, but there is more than enough “life is good” stuff to make me drag myself out of bed and participate in life each day. And participating in life is the first step to celebrating it!

I am not freaked out about being forty because I don’t believe that age is about the number as much as it’s about the life you’re living. Although I do admit that I am sad about beginning my 40s with the life I have. And I guess that’s because no matter how much time passes, I can’t forget that I once had this amazing person to share my life with, and I can’t forget that he’s no longer here.

Still, life is mostly good these days. I’m back in Scotland. I’m working towards my PhD dreams. I’m in good enough shape to be running regularly. I have friends and family around the world. And I am alive!

I am looking forward to all of the wonderful things that my 40s have in store for me. And I hope that there are more ups than downs and more laughter than tears.

So here I am, ready to start my 40s. And God willing, it’ll be an amazing decade!

[Photo note: That’s me as a wee baby. Wasn’t I adorable? I will share my first “me as a 40-year-old” photo eventually, but I might not point out that it’s me as 40. Although if you’re a Facebook friend you might see photos of me at some point this evening. Or maybe not. It will depend on the number of cocktails I consume with the girls!]

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