It was a home

Tonight is my last night in my house – the house I purchased with Paul a little over three years ago. This was our home; this was where we planned to start a family; this was where our dreams began to come to life.

Tonight, my house is nearly empty and an eerie silence has taken over where once there was laughter. Wood floors and the bare walls mean that each step echoes like I’m in a cavern. And each echo is like a memory of all the plans and dreams we had.

Over there is where we planned to build a window seat with storage for games and puzzles. And that’s where we were going to place a ledge for the cat to peer out the window. Those two bedrooms there were where our children would sleep. And that large bedroom upstairs was going to be a guest room and my sewing room where I planned to make curtains for the windows.

We had the plans drawn up for converting the shop into a family room and a mini-gym. There were plans for the laundry room and kitchen, and the bathroom and our bedroom. And there was new furniture picked out for the living room. We even had the garden all planned out – complete with a private sitting area for reading and snuggling.

But when Paul died, all of those dreams and plans died with him.

I knew we’d leave together one day, as we always talked about returning to Scotland. But I never dreamt I’d be leaving alone. I think it’s harder to leave this place in the midst of shattered dreams than it would have been to leave it with Paul in pursuit of our joint future.

This was my home. And now I can only hope that the next occupants find joy here. I hope that it is one day filled with dreams and hopes and laughter and children because that’s what this house needs.

As for me, I hope that one day I find a new home – a place where my heart is happy and dreams can be dreamt again…

4 Replies to “It was a home”

  1. They say home is where the heart is, & since it seems your heart is already in Scotland ahead of you I am certain you will find a great “home” there, and when it’s time to come back to the USA you will again find a “home” wherever your heart leads you in the future adventure! Your house will always have special memories and they cost nothing & still get to travel with you!! As hard as it is to say goodbye, I know you will find joy in saying “hello” to your next home~

  2. I’m both sad and happy for you. I’m excited for you to begin the next chapter of your life!

  3. You’ll find a new place for future dreams, but this place will always be special to you no matter what. I’m so sorry xx

  4. I whole heartedly agree with Sharon and Rebecca. I’m happy/sad for you and I know that you’ll find joy again while your house with Paul will always remain special. And I know you don’t always feel brave, but you are!

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