Last month I decided to write a blog post about the one and only “mixed tape” that was ever made for me. Well, I say mixed tape but it was actually a CD; it was titled “So, I Made You A Mixed Tape” and was a gift from Paul a few months before our wedding. [Update: I found it!]

In addition to the CD, he made a fun cover with photos of the two of us. And as a bonus, inside was a folded-up sheet of A4 paper that included notes on why he chose the songs he did.

But when I went to grab the CD last month it wasn’t there. It didn’t seem to be anywhere, in fact. But I told myself that was OK – I probably placed it somewhere and would run across it when I had a better look later. Surprisingly, I stayed calm at the time. I mean, it was the eve of the anniversary of his death, so I would have expected this inability to find something to have been a melting point. But it wasn’t; it was only mildly upsetting.

Anyhow, for the past two weeks I’ve searched high-and-low. I’ve gone through every drawer in the main bits of the house – two or three times. I’ve searched under the seats, in the trunk, and the glove box of my car. I’ve called to have my sister do the same with my old car, too. I’ve opened every CD to see if (somehow) the mixed CD and A4 paper got put in the wrong case.

And I can’t find it. And I’m lost at what to do now.

I mean, I transferred the songs to my iPod long ago so I have the music, which is something, but I don’t have that stupid scrap of paper and try as I may I can’t remember what he wrote for all of those songs. And it’s no longer just mildly upsetting.

I really hope that I’ll be able to write an embarrassing update shortly saying that, in a moment of madness, I had actually placed the CD in the freezer or something, but those who know me also know that I rarely lose things (other than my mind). I may lock the keys in the car on (rare) occasions. I may have to dig through piles of clutter to locate something from time to time. But I don’t lose things.

I wouldn’t have lent it out. I wouldn’t have thrown it out. I can’t see why I would have put it anywhere other than with the rest of my CDs. So I don’t know. I just don’t know. But it’s really starting to get to me now. And I’m crying over having lost a stupid CD. I fear my [remaining shred of] sanity will be next …

[Note: This post has been updated to reflect the error that my nephew so gleefully pointed out to me. Happy now, Parker?]

4 Replies to “Lost”

  1. I found an error! For once, you type an error. This must be really upsetting if you can add a ‘d’ to ‘an’ in the incorrect places.

  2. Did you try any of your handbags that you have recently, but aren’t currently using? I always “misplace” stuff when I change a bag or purse….

    1. I wish! I’d actually gone through them all last weekend, so I know they’re empty. (But I did find some candy and handkerchiefs in several of them. Yay!)

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