Stuff hurts

I’m really tired of getting rid of stuff. It really hurts to part with even the most simple of items. I struggle each time I post something on CraigsList or take another trip to GoodWill.

I want to keep all of it. I want to keep the little twisty-tie things from the junk drawer and the spare hairbrush in the hall cupboard. I want to keep the canning jars and the teapots and the Post-It notes and the screwdrivers. I want to keep the CDs and the FiestaWare and the lamps and the table.

I want to keep all of those silly little things that you collect over the years to fill up your house – you know, those things that make your house your home.

But I can’t keep it all. And each time something else leaves, it’s another reminder that most of my dreams never came true. Each time I part with something else, it’s another reminder that this house is no longer my home – that I won’t have a place to call my own for a very long time. If I ever do again, that is.

As I look around the house now, it looks so strange. The room that was meant to house the children we planned to adopt is bare – the twin beds sold last week, the bookshelf and desk the week before that.

The small guest room is empty; the large one only holds a bed and a couple of half-filled boxes now. My room is filled with boxes of clothes instead of dressers – and will soon be empty, too.

The laundry room is nearly empty – just the cat’s belonging, some old Christmas decorations, and a shelving unit remain. The washer and dryer sold two weeks ago and the “booze cupboard” left this evening.

The kitchen cupboards are slowly emptying. The dining room table that we worked so hard to refinish should be gone this week. The CD case left yesterday.

I don’t know how many times this weekend I’ve just stopped in my tracks to cry. I know it’s just “stuff” but it was all part of the home Paul and I built together and I don’t want that to end, even though I know it has to.

I keep telling myself that once I’m done clearing out the house it will get better but sometimes I don’t believe myself. I worry that once I go to stay with my folks it will be worse because I’ll be gone from the home Paul and I shared. And I worry that once I get to Scotland it will be worse because I’ll be there without him when we were meant to be there together.

But I know that I have to do this. I know that I can’t stay here in this house surrounded by this stuff. I know that I have to keep moving forward toward this new life and this new plan. It just hurts so much some days because I still wish I had the old plan.

It’ll get better. It has to…

2 Replies to “Stuff hurts”

  1. I wish I could say it will all be great and wonderful when you get through this. It will be ok and you will survive but it won’t be what you dreamed and that just sucks.
    It will be different, that’s for sure and it will be good in that different way. I’m sure of that too. You’re a strong woman and you’ll survive. Heck, you’ll do more than that. You will be happy and love life again. It’s just going to take time, and pain.
    But along the way hopefully there’s also time for laughter and smiles. You have lots of friends who love you very much. We won’t let you do this on your own.
    See you soon, kid xx

    1. Thank you. It just gets so overwhelming sometimes and my emotions get the better of me. I’m sure that once I’m done working and I’ve packed those last bits and bobs, things will start looking up.
      My aunt (sorry, ANT) is likely coming through on Friday and (whilst she doesn’t know it yet) she will be a big help as I go through a few things.
      Yes–see you soon! Like in about 46 days or so!! (Not that I’m counting!) x

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