Travelling traditions

I am on my holidaysagain! It’s a little odd making my third big trip back to the Homeland in less than 365 days, after not travelling at all for nearly 3 years due to COVID. But here I am, at the airport enjoying my travelling traditions.

As is tradition, Tiger and I are enjoying a wee glass of fizz before we board our flights. It’s a tradition I began with my late husband and one that I have kept going to treat myself a bit. After our glass is empty, we will walk around the departure lounge to bank a few steps, as we’ll be fairly sedentary once we’re on the plane.

When we arrive in SeaTac, my father or my youngest sister, Royann, will meet us at the airport (depending on the weather). I will be greeted with a hug and will then be given a cold root beer (Tiger basically gets ignored; but he’s cool with that). We will then go to Taco Time so that I can enjoy a beef soft taco and some Mexi-fries.

In the morning, I will wake up super early and enjoy a hot cup of “Dad-strength” coffee before I head out for a run. A couple/few hours later, others in the house will wake up and the holiday will really get underway. There will be loads of other little “traditional” holiday treats and activities throughout my stay, too.

Of course, some of the little details change each time I travel, but the core traditions remain: Pre-departure fizz; post-landing hugs and root beer, and strong black coffee the following morning. And the love. Yes, the love is always there waiting for me.

This trip is a little emotional for me, as this time last year I was travelling home to spend Christmas and New Year with my Mum and Dad. Last year, I was filled with excitement as I looked forward to our first real hugs since 2019. But things didn’t go as planned on that trip meaning my travelling traditions have changed in a small but significant way: Instead of airport “hellos” and “see you soons” (and hugs and selfies) with both of my parents, I now only have one. And that leaves me feeling very sad.

But this is my second trip home since Mum’s death, so I am a little prepared for the emotions. And, as I said, I know there is love waiting for me on the other side of the journey.

And much like I kept my pre-flight fizz tradition after Paul died, I will keep up so many of my travel traditions now that Mum is gone. For example, I still travel with Tiger – who was originally Mum’s Tiger and I always brought him home to see her again. But he will continue to travel with me now because we are friends for life.

Anyhow… I’m off on my holidays which means I will be sharing my traditional holiday posts over the next few weeks and a re-cap when it’s all done. I hope you’re looking forward to it!

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  1. Enjoy your home visit. Love your travel traditions. Can you send me your homeland address? Safe travels.😊🎁😊💚💙🎉

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