Cleaning closets

Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve finally cleaned out Paul’s side of the closet. It only took more than two years…

I don’t know what took me so long, other than denial and the inability to bring myself to complete the heart-wrenching task. There have been several times over the past two years that I’ve opened the closet and looked at his clothes – sometimes I’d even gather them in my arms and smell them. But I couldn’t bring myself to take things off the hangers or pack them into boxes or bags.

Of course, now that I’m moving, I didn’t have a choice. So when my Aunt Elizabeth (which I pronounce ANT for her benefit despite my normal aunt-as-in-flaunt pronunciation) came over this evening I asked her to help. I was more than happy that she was willing!

We started in the hall closet with Paul’s coats and jackets – and laughed as I pulled used tissues and toothpicks out of every pocket. (I even found a key to our booze cupboard in a pair of his jeans.) We laughed even more when my cousin found even more tissues in the pocket of a jacket he tried on. I was happy when my cousin decided to take the down-filled winter jacket and a nice dressy black jacket. And my aunt is the proud new owner of Paul’s Levi jean jacket. It makes me feel good to know that people I love will be wearing Paul’s coats and jackets. (Is that weird?)

Then we moved to the bedroom closet. Having AE there to help (and distract) made it almost painless to bag up Paul’s old socks and underwear! When we got to the clothing, I decided that I’d save all of his old race t-shirts to have a quilt made with them. I also decided to save the ties (with the thought of offering them to nieces and nephews in the USA and UK) and that I’d keep a couple of tops for me to wear, as well as two of his ball caps. I also decided that some of Paul’s running gear would be offered to a couple of my young nephews.

Everything else got bagged up for Goodwill: Button-up shirts, sweaters, trousers, jeans, and shoes. I don’t know that I have the heart to take it all to Goodwill though, so AE has volunteered to drop them off for me – after allowing her sons to dig through.

I really hate that I’ve had to do this, but I am so happy to have had someone there to help. Tears were shed, but laughter was shared, too, as I told stories of the various pieces of clothing.

Of course, knowing that Paul would be more than happy for me to get rid of everything makes it easier, too. And knowing that I will have a nice quilt one day to remind me of all the races we ran together will help.

There’s still more sorting to do and I’m sure some things will be harder to sort than others. The next stage is to figure out what I’m taking back to the UK with me so that I can share them with his family. Photos and mementoes from his entire life are certainly not things that are heading for the Goodwill bin!

Now, I know this is going to sound silly, but I think that the idea of throwing away those silly tissues and toothpicks will be more difficult than getting rid of his clothes!

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  1. Good progress on getting ready! Glad your “Ant” was there to help you through it~

  2. Hi Frances, We made it home-long day. I am so glad I was able to help. If you had more to do, we should have just stayed up all night and gotten it done. Thanks again for all the goodies for Carson’s college residence hall. Looking forward to seeing you in a week again too.
    Love, Ant Elizabeth

    1. Thanks again, Ant Elizabeth! You really have been a huge help to me. I’m sure I’ll have more stuff for you next weekend–in addition to the cat! xx

  3. What a great thing to have someone you love help you, and to have people you love wearing Paul’s things. I can’t imagine it was easy, but I’m glad there was laughter mixed in with the tears. And I love that Paul had tissues in every pocket. Jeff always has scraps of random paper in his pockets. And as much as it annoys me when he takes them out on dumps them on the dresser, I know it would be hard for me to part with them. So it doesn’t sound silly at all to me. I totally get it.

    1. It really is nice knowing that Paul’s stuff will get use! As for the tissues, I did manage to throw them away. It was hard–but not as hard as throwing away his tooth brush. A task that took nearly two years to accomplish!

  4. Well done on the progress 🙂 I don’t think it’s silly that you’d find it difficult to get rid of the toothpicks or tissues – I’d feel the same! Good luck and well done! xxx 🙂

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