I’ll get by

It’s been a week since I last shared my mundane life with you here on Just Frances. And it’s been nearly that long since I [temporarily?] deactivated my Facebook account.

Yes, I admit it: I’m having a pretty crappy time right now. No one thing is catastrophic, but it seems that when I put all of my stress and worries together just now, they’re a bit more than my little self can handle. And my answer [rightly or wrongly] has been to hide away from the world. It’s a strange thing because I rely so heavily on Facebook and this blog to connect me to the world and to give my life a little bit of emotional stability. But, ironically, sometimes those things can’t be the solution – and may even add to the stress.

I have received several messages through Just Frances in the past couple of days asking about my whereabouts. And a couple of emails to my personal accounts. And even a couple of text messages. Some from people wondering if they’d offended me, causing me to defriended them on Facebook, and some from people just checking in to see how I am.

So, first off, I’d like to thank all of those who’ve been in touch. I appreciate your care and concern for me – and I think I’ve replied to everyone. If not, I’m sorry and please feel free to write and tell me that you’re still feeling neglected so that I can let you know that I care. (No, really. Because if you’ve not heard back from me, it really is an oversight on my part.)

And secondly, I’d like to let you all know that I’m OK. Ish. I have a lot on my mind and am feeling a bit overwhelmed, but it’s nothing serious and nothing that some good old peace and personal contemplation can’t fix. But please know that I have an amazingly awesome friend who is keeping me straight. So I’m not really struggling on my own – no, I have an innocent victim to listen to me whine and cry.

I realise I sound a bit vague and cryptic just now, but that’s because I’m not really ready or willing (I may never be) to share my current insanity with the entire world – or rather, with the handful of people who stop by Just Frances from time-to-time.

But, because I like to end on a high note, I’ll share some happy things with you:

  1. I’m running a 10K road race tomorrow. (Race 3 in my 2012 Race a Month Challenge.)
  2. I’ve been accepted as a Technorati blogger. (It’s just that this current mood has prevented me from sending in my first contribution.)
  3. I am going to be a card-carrying member of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. (As soon as I wear my friend down a bit more so that they include me as an additional [and therefore less expensive] member on their account; the difference of which I’d pay.)

That’s all for now. I will try to post a bit more regularly in the next few days, but if you don’t hear from me, please know that I’m managing. Yep, I’ll get by, with a little help from my friends.

8 Replies to “I’ll get by”

  1. ugh! i hate times like these, when there’s no one thing that seems big enough to cause the disintegration but cumulatively a whole load of shitty-little-things conspires to dig the pit. bleh! i’ve no one-fix wonders to prescribe, no instant release measures, or vitamin magic. just know that it will pass, and you will be stronger as a result.
    that’s it! that’s the pep talk over. your fragile grasp on the wonders of your life will grow stronger (imperceptibly) each day. good luck to your fingernails meantime 🙂

  2. Maybe it’s Spring Fever. I’ve been feeling the same way and I’m not sure why. I know I’ve handled much more stress in my life and know I’ve seen you do it. I honestly don’t know how you do so much. You do more things than I do in a day… probably a week… before I even get up in the morning. Hope things fall into place for you soon. Spoil yourself, have fun, and relax. Easier said than done but I know you know how! 🙂

  3. Having chased my own black dog around the garden a few times, I can empathise a little. Although as I suspect we both know, each of us must deal with our own recalcitrant mutt in our own very particular way (I favour the long muddy walk to tire the naughty puppy out, followed by a stiff drink in front of a nice toasty fire).
    I’ve often found the following passage to be of some use in times like these, although I’m not sure why.
    “The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places.” (Hemingway)
    There’s a wee bit more to it than that, but to be honest I suspect it delves into perspectives that are very much an acquired taste.
    Anyway, unlikely as it is to raise a smile, maybe there’s some consolation to be had in it.
    I think Barry Manilow expressed similar sentiments in “I made it through the rain”, but there’s acquired taste and then there’s just plain old fetishism.
    Take care for now.

  4. Ephemera – I adore your reply. It hits the nail right on the head and rings so true to my own experiences. Bravo.
    And I love the Hemingway quote – I think he certainly knew his subject.

  5. i’ve missed your presence on Facebook lately, Frances. I always seem to learn a little bit with each post.
    I hope the world begins to brighten again – very soon!
    Kindest regards,

  6. Thank you, everyone. Really. I know these hard days will pass, it’s just that they seem so overwhelming and impossible when I’m in the middle of them. Honestly, I’m still a little down, but I’m feeling loads better today than I did last Monday. And I’m feeling a little bit more positive about my future, too. Which for the friends who’ve listened to my cries of doubts the last few days, this will hopefully be good news!
    Normal service will return soon…

  7. Ahhhh – I just had a weird “where’s Frances” moment today when I was on Facebook. Sorry to hear you are having a tough time. Looking forward to normal service resuming. L xxx

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