PhD dreams: Week 1

It’s been a calendar week since I formally matriculated as a PhD student and a “work” week since my first day as a PhD student. So, as promised, here’s a wee recap!

I’ll begin by saying that it’s been an exhausting week! Getting back into a routine after two months of Homeland holidays has really done a number on my ability to eat well, and I’m a firm believer in the correlation between diet and ability to function! But still, I managed to make it through a week of meetings, reading, and traversing to and from my rural(ish) home and campus in the Big Bad City.

To be completely honest, my first week hasn’t left me with a massive sense of accomplishment or academic achievement. But just like the first week or two of a new job, my days have been filled with important things like finding my way around and trying to understand the processes. I’m sure that once I get my bearings, I will be running full-steam ahead!

I attended a couple of meetings earlier in the week that gave me some great insights into time management and general PhD “life lessons”, followed by a day-long PhD induction seminar today. Next week will be a great seminar on learning to use the library’s resources and I will also make my way to the National Library of Scotland to get a library access card there.

Anyhow, it’s been an all-in-all great week and I am truly looking forward to finding my way through this process. I’m sure it will be filled with ups and downs, but most things worth accomplishing are not easily accomplished! I am inspired and I can see just how bright my future can be upon completion of this great adventure.

I realise I’ve been a bit blog-quiet the past several days but I will try to get back into more regular writing habits soon. Really.

Oh! And one last thing before I sign off:

A great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the world’s bestest daddy. He’s accomplished so very much in his 69 years and I hope that I can be half as awesome as he is by the time I reach my 69th birthday!

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