Sleep evades

I’ve had a couple of sleepless weeks and it’s starting to show in my face. Despite the many happy things happening, many frustrating and stressful things are interrupting my sleep.

I’m not really ready or willing to share what’s bothering me (nothing life-threatening) so I’m sorry if I sound vague. But at least it’s put me in a poetic mood. (Which is maybe a bad thing? You be the judge!)

Sleep evades
By Just Frances

Sleep evades me
    Chased away by unhappy dreams

    Dreams of loss
        Dreams of failure
            Dreams of pain

Sleep found is soon disrupted again
    Stolen away by memories, fears, worries

    Memories of the past
        Fears for the future
            Worries about the present

Waking hours are spent dazed, tired
    Trying to remember; trying to forget

    Searching for meaning
        Searching for significance
            Searching for solace

The days are spent longing for sleep;
    Praying sleep comes in the night

    Uninterrupted sleep
        Refreshing sleep
            Peaceful sleep

Sleep evades me
    Yet my faith in happy dreams remains

    Dreams of love
        Dreams of success
            Dreams of joy

2 Replies to “Sleep evades”

    1. Thank you! Though I think that the only publishing my poems will see is through Just Frances. (Which is OK by me, as I’ll be publishing loads of academically important stuff soon enough!)

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