Running excuses

It’s time once again for the Edinburgh Marathon Festival, which means it’s time once again for me to make some lousy excuse for why I will have a horrible time. (Running time, not emotional time.)

Regular readers might remember that my first Edinburgh Half was two years ago. Only I didn’t get registered in time so I had to run on someone else’s number. (I know, I know! I’m a bad girl because that’s strictly against the rules!) I ran the race with next to no training but had a respectable(ish) finishing time.

Then last year I managed to miss the registration deadline again, this time for the full marathon. Thankfully, I managed to find someone who wasn’t using his number and we arranged a (legal) transfer. Only I got quite ill beforehand and my doctor said I couldn’t run.

Well, this year was going to be different. And in fact, it started quite good with me registering on New Year’s Eve (yes, I managed my own number this year!) and I even started to get into a really good training cycle.

Then, when I was off on my PhD retreat nearly three weeks ago, I took a spill and bashed my nose and head against a metal post box. (Ouch! And much blood, too!)

Well, it turns out that I gave myself a concussion which brought with it a massive headache, a bout of insomnia, and a really sore nose. Oh, and a bit of dizziness and confusion, but that’s kind of normal for me.

But the concussion meant no running. So I haven’t managed to get the training that I’d hoped for.

(Yes, I will refer back to this post if my times are rubbish. And maybe even if they’re excellent!)

I am still going to run the race on Sunday, and I’m going to run it to the best of my ability. I don’t know that I’ll do as well as I did in Inverness, but I am certain that I have the ability to finish.

As for my next two halfs (as part of my “Year of Halfs” plan) I think it’s time I start going to a gym to get my training in. Maybe it will help keep me on a programme, and the weight training will be nice. (And as I think I’m giving up on online dating, again, maybe it’ll be a great place to meet someone in the flesh. One can dream…)

(Really, this post is just to make sure you know I survived Wednesday and so that I have my excuse pre-told for Sunday. If you wondered what the point was!)

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