Focused in February

I’ve decided to dedicate February to getting back into a good, healthy routine. The idea is this: If I can re-focus enough of my energies, I can spend more of my days feeling accomplished and less of them feeling scattered and lost.

You see, I’ve done that thing (once again!) where I set my priorities but I forgot to include me on the list. I’ve been so focused on making other people happy that I’ve been afraid to do the little things that make me happy – just in case it took away from my ability to make others happy.

Only that means I’ve been neglecting myself. Again.

I started to focus on myself again at the start of the year, but I used January as more of a pilot programme of sorts. I figured that would give me a chance to see what I was lacking, and what I might be capable of. And, I’m pleased to say, I did mostly OK. But not quite good enough.

Of course, the not quite good enough wasn’t because I’m not capable it was because I was multitasking a little too much. But I’m ready to focus now, so I decided that February was a great month for it because it makes for an alliterative title and it’s the shortest month to be had!

What does a focused February mean? Well, it means that I will work that little bit harder to take care of myself.

And because I always do a bit better when I share my goals with others, here’s a wee list of some of the things I’ll be doing to help myself:

  • I will be blogging on Just Frances daily – even if I don’t have anything to say – because it will force me to focus my thoughts. (Apologies in advance, as this might mean some really boring posts.)
  • I will blog once a week on my PhD blog, again to help me focus my thoughts if nothing else.
  • I will continue giving myself weekly manicures because I feel more confident when I have pretty nails. (9+ weeks of constant polish so far!)
  • I will run at least 3 days a week – which should help with my next half-marathon, too.
  • I will continue to work on my 2015 to-do list. (I’m half-way done with that crocheted afghan already!)
  • I will bring lunch from home at least 4 days a week.
  • I will continue to keep my bedroom and my office neat and tidy so that I don’t feel overwhelmed by the clutter.
  • I will spend time each evening on me. It may be reading, swirling, or simply listening to my breathing. And I will do it without feeling guilty. And I will do it without watching TV. (Although I may listen to music.)

I know a lot of this stuff seems silly and pointless, but I really have been spending too much of my time focusing on others instead of on me. And that’s OK to an extent, but I have to make myself a priority in my life because I have to live with myself forever.

But for now, I must sign off because I have to get my lunch ready to take to the office tomorrow.

Happy February!

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