Revamped running resolutions: Realised!

Thanks to this summer’s broken ankleI had to make some changes to my 2016 resolutions. Today, those revamped running resolutions were realised! (Yay!)

However, it was a bit more challenging than I imagined. In part because my lungs were a bit out of practice, making breathing a bit difficult. And in part, because four months’ inactivity means that I am carrying a few extra pounds. But I decided that I would just take it slowly, adding half a mile to my runs every couple of weeks.

My first run was a simple one-mile jaunt in mid-November. It was actually a bit easier on my ankle than expected, although my poor lungs began to stage a protest in the second half of the run. After that, I began working my ankle on an old elliptical machine at home during the week and running on the road at the weekends.

Frustratingly, it soon became apparent that my ankle isn’t ready for more than 2-3 days’ running (or elliptical work) per week. And attempts to stretch my workouts past the 30-minute mark were quite challenging, too. It seems that, even though the bone is healed, the tendons and soft tissue require a bit more tender-loving care. Still, I am getting stronger each day.

I am pleased to be back in a bit of a running routine, and I am going to try a bit harder this winter to keep the momentum going. I normally allow myself to be a bit lazy in the winter, knowing that I will run off any winter weight in the spring. But this winter, I am going to work to lose weight so that I can keep on top of the battle of the bulge. (I am a woman of a certain age now; I really do need to be more aware of these things!)

As for my 2017 running goals, they are still in flux. I have a few ideas for how I want to push myself, but I have to think about how my running goals will fit with my PhD, career, and social/personal goals. Stay tuned to see what I want to achieve in the coming year, and how well I manage!

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  1. What’s the update on your ankle? What’s the furthest you’ve been able to run? I broke my ankle on the same day you wrote this article and was benched for nearly 8 weeks (6 weeks post-op). Before that, I worked out regularly including running and weight training. Started walking two weeks ago but I’m getting impatient and fear I may never get back to my previous workouts.

    1. Hi, Rachael! Thank you for reaching out. I have been meaning to write a wee running update, so you’re comment has prompted me to start writing out some of the boring details. I’ll post the link here when I’m done with that (later this week, hopefully!).

      My first run was a wee 1-mile jaunt 16 weeks after my break. It’s been four months since then and my furthest run has been 4 miles. (I will be going for a 5-mile run in the morning.) I have been working on my 5K (3.1-mile) pace lately just to strengthen my lungs a bit.

      I have signed up for a half-marathon that will take place at the end of September. I feel confident that I will be ready for that, but I do admit that it’s been harder than I expected.

      There is a bit of soft-tissue pain that feels more achy than anything else. It doesn’t hurt when I’m running, rather it aches a bit afterward – especially if I’ve done a lot of running and walking in a given week.

      Frustratingly, it’s been a slow process for me. But I am getting stronger and I am able to do other exercises, too. (Arms, core, etc)

      The big thing I’d say is to make sure you’re stretching and flexing the joints – even if you’re not ready to run or do other vigorous movements.

      I hope that helps a bit! And I hope that you heal up quickly. There’s nothing worse than an active person being couch-bound!!


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